May 15, 2022 2:00 am

Paz Padilla, to the limit: leaves ‘Sálvame’ in full direct after facing Belén Esteban



A Bethlehem Esteban He did not like at all the conversation that Paz Padilla had a few weeks ago about vaccines and the coronavirus. He did not hesitate to criticize her publicly and this afternoon they met again after the encounter. There was some initial tension while the presenter of ‘Sálvame’ explained to him this afternoon that she was not an anti-vaccine and that she had not understood what she said that day.

When things seemed to calm down, Belén Esteban ended up accusing Paz Padilla of not believing in the vaccine, which caused the presenter’s anger, who left in full direct. Not caring to leave the public, he took off the microphone and left.

Kiko Hernandez He has been the one who has picked up the witness for the moment.

It is unknown if he will decide to return to being late or, on the contrary, he has decided to go home.

In the conversation he had live a few weeks ago with Anne Igartiburu Y Maria del Monte, the television presenter, who had just passed Covid for the second time, gave her opinion on vaccines and the new omicron variant. He assured that even having all the vaccines he had been infected the same.

For what he said that, in his opinion “vaccines are useless”, referring to the new variant. A speech that offended Belén Esteban a lot and this afternoon has made it very clear.

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