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Paula Morales: the call that changed her life, her blended family and the special tattoo she got for her father

A Paula Morales he likes to spend the summers doing season in Carlos Paz. He wakes up before the rest of his blended family simply to observe the mountains or the lake, in silence, without listening to the boys’ claims. Afterwards, yes, she enjoys spending the day with her partner, also an actor Fabián Vena, and with Valentino (7), their son; Benicio (15), his son from his first marriage; and his daughters, Vida (12) and Cielo (11). At night, he goes to the Teatro del Sol 2 to star the 39 steps and she leaves for the Zorba Theater, where she go away my love, from Wednesday to Sunday, together with René Bertrand. The actress and model spoke to LA NACION about all this and much more, who also reviewed the beginnings of her career, told why she decided to finish her studies in Psychology and spent many months worrying about the health of his father as a result of his contagion of coronavirus.

-Did you have doubts in accepting to do a season when the cases of Covid-19 skyrocketed?

-We took great care of ourselves in these two years and no one at home had Covid. We did a season last summer and during the year we filmed series, movies, we made streaming and we are never infected. I’m quite obsessive, I would say, always with a mask, with social distance, but without fear, especially after the vaccine. There is no fear but responsibility because health is at stake and we work with many people.

-You also suffered very closely from the virus because your father, Víctor Hugo Morales, was infected and It was very serious how did you live it?

-It’s true, I lived it very closely. He was not intubated but he was very serious and it was very tremendous. At that time there was no vaccine, it was in March 2021.

-When it got better, did you get your first tattoo for a promise?

-Yes, the tattoo is in honor of the Deceased Correa (on the right arm). It had been many years since I had prayed and when my father entered intensive care, I needed to cling to faith, but she didn’t know what to do, she was disoriented. I knew that he was very devoted to someone and my mother told me that it was Deceased Correa. I found out who she was, how she was prayed to, and every day she lit a candle and poured a glass of water because she died of dehydration. I made promises of all kinds and there are some that I have not yet fulfilled. Every day I promised him something different because I saw that my father did not improve. One of those promises was that I would get a tattoo representing the Deceased Correa and I have a mother who breastfed her baby because legend has it that she was found dead but still nursing her baby.

Paula Morales and the tattoo that was made as a promise for her father to get better and in honor of the Deceased Correa

-Are you a believer?

-I was trained in Catholicism, but I’m not one to go to church or pray. I never lost faith, I have it intact. But it had been a long time since he had prayed to someone so fervently.

-What did your dad say when he found out about the prayers and the tattoo?

-I couldn’t believe the things we had all done. We were many people who did many things, and maybe mine did not surprise him so much because I am his daughter and it was more to be expected.

How is your relationship with your father?

-It is natural that my dad is a public person because since I can remember he already was and he was always very playful in his opinions. We go through more difficult times than others, like any family, but he is my dad. I greatly respect the fact that he defends his ideas, that he takes sides, and in fact I have never been attacked for that. I am quite apart from his profession and I dedicate myself to something else, there are even many people who do not even know that I am their daughter. Perhaps, if I had dedicated myself to political or sports journalism it would have been different, but nothing to do with it.

-And family gatherings are heated?

-We don’t talk about politics and neither about football. We talk about other things, about the children, about what we did in the week, about the family and about each one’s work.

– Is it true that you graduated as a psychologist and never went to withdraw the title?

-It’s true. I was already working as an actress and I wanted to finish my degree because I had two finals left and if the term expired, I had to appeal and I knew I wasn’t going to do it. I was sad that I only had two subjects left and so I prepared them and took them the same day. It went well for me, I graduated, but I knew I was not going to work. Also in psychology you have to update, continue studying, specialize and I did not. But I am very interested in reading about it. When I started studying I thought I was going to work as a psychologist, that was the idea, but halfway through the course I started working as an actress, I was doing well and the plans changed. I continued because the degree is divine, I love reading and everything that has to do with the human mind seems very interesting to me. It’s pure profit, I don’t feel like I wasted my time.

Paula Morales and the assembled family that she built with Fabián Vena
Paula Morales and the assembled family that she built with Fabián Vena

-Do you apply that knowledge in family dynamics?

-Each family is a world and for us it came naturally. Of course we have gone through different times, but since we started to be together with Fabián, raising children has always been a very serious issue, which we take with great responsibility. Even when we started dating we went to therapy to help us get together, so that we are all well, that the boys can get used to it and have a good time.

-So, assembling the family was not complicated?

-The reality is that those who get used to these situations, in general, are the boys. Benicio and Fabián’s two daughters began to function as brothers right away, and when Valentino was born he united much more because he is the brother of both Benicio and Vida y Cielo. Everything was done responsibly and happened naturally. Of course there are discussions as in all families because perfection does not exist, but we try to make joy prevail. I try to create a warm place for them where they can feel content and happy. For me that is the main thing.

Paula Morales and Fabián Vena met in 2013 working on a fiction
Paula Morales and Fabián Vena met in 2013 working on a fiction

-Fabián and you met in 2013, recording the strip We are family, how did they get past the famous seventh year itch?

-(Laughs) We passed it successfully. Yes, we have been together for a little over eight years now.

-Before you said that while you were studying psychology you began to take your first steps as an actress, how did you start?

-I was in an agency called Casts and did many advertisements, but they also managed actors, I found out there was a casting for a strip for Telefe and I asked them to send me. Was a casting crowded and I went to throw myself thinking that it was impossible to stay among so many people. At the time they called me again and I was on vacation in Brazil with friends, but I changed the passage and two days later I was already recording The Roldans. The character was small, Roldán’s secretary, but it was a strip of 40 points of rating, that opened the doors for me to do other things, and that’s how everything started.

-Had you studied theater or was it pure impulse?

-I had studied with Lito Cruz, with Luis Agustoni and I did a workshop with Cris Morena. I did not imagine being able to work as an actress, I saw it as something distant. I studied theater to overcome shyness and ended up loving it. Many think that I followed psychology by family mandate but no, my parents always told me to do what made me happy. They supported me and when they saw that I liked this world, they warned me that it was not easy.

-What is your view on feminism today?

-There is still a long way to go. The abortion law already exists, but it is not easy to enforce it. We need a change in society that has not yet fully taken place.

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