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Omnipod, the smart home on wheels that will revolutionize the future

LG never ceases to surprise its customers with its innovative products, such as the exclusive LG Signature OLED R, a roll-up television whose price amounts to 99,999 euros. But the latest thing he’s shared isn’t a household item, but a smart home on wheels. The South Korean company presented, within the framework of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2022 -in which most of the presentations focused on autonomous technology-, a habitable and intelligent vehicle baptized as Omnipod.

The vehicle comes with a fridge and other smart appliances – © LG

Creating autonomous vehicles with comfortable interiors so that their owners can enjoy even the shortest journeys is one of the main objectives of the motor industry, but this reality is still a futuristic idea

for which there is no release date. LG wanted to show its vision of this type of car with a design equipped with artificial intelligence capable of performing the different tasks so that their owners do not have to worry about anything at all. Reah, the virtual influencer who has created the firm, will be in charge of making this experience more pleasant and simple and can become a concierge, fitness instructor or companion according to the needs of the client.

The company defines its proposal as “a solution to the concept of mobility that blurs the difference between home and car. LG OMNIPOD is an extension of your personal living space on the road. Designed to function as a home office, entertainment center, or even a lounge. The LG OMNIPOD offers a look at how a busy person could get more done in a future where working remotely doesn’t mean working from home.”

The interior features large screens that will connect the user with the metaverse
The interior features large screens that will connect the user with the metaverse – © LG
This vehicle comes with Reah, a virtual influencer in charge of doing everything
This vehicle comes with Reah, a virtual influencer in charge of doing everything – © LG

With the metaverse on the rise, this vehicle also had to have an adaptive interior environment that reconfigures itself in real time using a screen, floor to ceiling, mobile meta-environment being able to become an office without noise or a movie theater with the best entertainment on board. In addition, it has a refrigerator, kitchen and other furniture and appliances, yes. in futuristic and retractable version. The idea is that the vehicle has a series of interior configurations defined as modes. So they will be office mode, camping mode or fitness room mode, among others.

At the moment it is just a concept, but if it became a reality it would be a revolution in the motor and housing sectors. It is clear that, given its characteristics, its price would be quite high and only suitable for some pockets.

CLOi ServeBot, LG’s waiter robot

Along with this vehicle, LG presented a robot oriented to the restoration sector, the CLOi ServeBot. This machine is semi-autonomous in operation and can transport up to 30 kilos of weight. It comes with a 9.2-inch touch screen in which to enter the relevant information so that you can take the orders to their destination and can also be controlled from an application for smartphones. Thanks to the combination of a lidar sensor, a 3D camera and a bumper sensor, it can recognize objects and move easily. Each shelf has its own ToF sensor, so the robot knows when an item has been removed and can move on to the next destination. In this case It is not a project, but a reality that will first reach the US market in the coming months. What is still unknown is its price.

Image of LG's CLOi ServeBot robot
Image of LG’s CLOi ServeBot robot – © LG

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