May 22, 2022 2:30 am

Looking for reading to start the year?

We gather some of the titles that we would like to read (or reread) in 2022. An inspiring list that can be used to start the year with the purpose of reading more, knowing the use of some species or cultivating a garden that represents and contains us.

These are some (not all) titles.

Ezequiel Agüero investigates the medicinal uses of wild plants personally in Córdoba for 10 years.

In Wild Medicinal Plants of Central Argentina, he brought together all the species that grow naturally in that region of the country, both native and naturalized, and their main therapeutic uses.

The book intends to vindicate the healing potential of nature and spread popular and scientific knowledge.

“The use of the term indoor plant is common and extended despite the fact that in nature there are no plants that fit that classification _says Lucía Cané, author of this book by Ediciones Jardín_. This is how we call those species that, coming from tropical environments and jungles, we take inside our homes and work spaces to bring nature closer to our lives”

“We add beauty, perfume, color, and it is scientifically proven that the connection with nature in our routine improves the quality of life.”


While living and planting in the garden of a country house, a man goes through the months of mourning in solitude due to a love breakup. The story begins in summer, continues in autumn-winter and ends in spring.

The protagonist reviews his own history, that of his family, always tied to the land, and his place in the world, while reflecting on the nature of love and loneliness.


Although it was published in 2002, this book by Tito Narosky and Pablo Canevari is an essential guide for those who enjoy or want to get started in the incredible world of bird watching.

Narosky is one of the most outstanding and passionate Argentine ornithologists: he has been dedicated to the study and observation of Argentine birds for more than three decades, carried out more than 200 research trips and published more than 300 scientific and outreach notes, both in the country and abroad. abroad.

Through the most complete formulas to create cosmetic products, home care and cleaning, home remedies; of notions about essential oils, aromatherapy, responsible consumption and more, Eleonora Dubini reconnects us with nature and resignifies it through a transformation of habits that invites us to ask ourselves what we use in our body and home care routines, and how it affects our health and the environment.

Eleonora Dubini studied Clinical Aromatherapy in New York and is a professional member of NAHA (National Holistic Aromatherapy Association of the United States). Almost a decade ago, she created the first boutique brand of clean cosmetics or clean beauty in Argentina.

Clara Billoch, gardener and landscaper, tells us about the tasks she carried out month after month to keep her garden in shape.

The book teaches us how to make the most of each season, planting and harvest times, caring for flowerbeds, flower arrangements that the garden gives us at each season, and some recipes with the fruits of the garden.

Everything is compiled in this book that will encourage us to get down to work.

Mix of horticulture, literature and history and full of exciting human stories, The well landscaped mind explores the secret that many gardeners share: contact with nature can radically transform our health and our self-esteem.

Sue Stuart-Smith, psychiatrist, passionate gardener and brilliant storyteller, weaves together examples such as the key role of horticulture for her grandfather after World War I, Freud’s obsession with flowers and curious case histories of his own patients.

A book to plan and design the landscape with our species.

It includes tips for setting up spaces with native species, examples with plans of projects designed with natural criteria, images of spaces designed with the criteria of recreating original nature and benefits of native plants in relation to wildlife.

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