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Loles León: “I don’t want a boyfriend, I prefer to have fun with myself”




If you want to spend a night with loles lion (71 years old), they have it easy: they just have to go to the Teatro La Latina and discover it in a performance created by Juan Luis Iborra between memories, fantasy, songs, choreographies with feathers and ‘brilli brilli’ in the purest cabaret style, the specialty of the house Because in ‘Una noche con Ella’ we travel to Barceloneta, to the family churrería, to Madrid’s scene, even to Hollywood, sprinkling anecdotes of truths and lies that make the viewer an accomplice: «What I do is entangle, I really like because I am very playful. Loles goes on stage while she shoots a film under the orders of Santiago Segura, she records ‘Your face sounds to me’ -the program that has allowed her to fulfill a dream, ‘becoming a Rocio durcal The Sarah Montiel, who were two of the greats’- and is preparing for the new season of ‘La que se avecina’. Where does it get so much energy? It has its secret: «Concentration. I say to myself, ‘Loles, mentalize yourself, calm down, since there is less left. And I go ahead.” She has been doing it all her life: «I am the same as always. I don’t change outside or inside a set. It’s me, a survivor. I know that everything depends on my effort and my enthusiasm».

When we suggest that she introduce herself, for example, to some aliens to find out how she would define herself, Loles surprises us with a very ‘Fourth Millennium’ confession: «I would be delighted because since I was little I have dreamed of the arrival of aliens. If I asked for it at night! ‘Oh, please let a spaceship come and park here on the beach, so I run downstairs to be the first to get on.’ And that they took me to see the galaxy and renamed me with a stellar name, something like Lola Lunar…». To give you an idea, Loles, when he got fed up with his family, angrily snapped at them ‘As I lower the ship, I’m leaving!’ Even in that I was very modern. And it is that, thanks to her friends, whose father had a newsstand, she enjoyed reading all the magazines, even the science ones, and her head was already full of ideas.

Passionate about her profession, she did not come to it through mythomania: «I have had role models, of course, but I have always wanted to be me. I don’t like that about myths because it doesn’t let you enjoy the rest, although I understand that I could have been for others, I represent something that many people would have liked to be. That explains his adventures in Hollywood, which he lived with an overwhelming naturalness: «We were all very safe. What’s more, we used to see the stars there so short and old-fashioned… We were going to Sybilla, from Manuel Pineapple The Joaquin White, who made me a silicone dress from the wig to the feet. They photographed us as if we were ‘souvenirs’. In the House of Jane Fonda, who prepared dinner for us, I saw them all arrive and I said to myself, ‘But I’m better than this one!’ Without a doubt, ‘Aunt Jane’ was the best. He grabbed my arm and didn’t let go until we said goodbye, when he told everyone, ‘take care of her, she’s the most fragile’. And the others laughed. But she is a very intuitive woman. And he was right. I give the impression of being very powerful, but it is not true. It hit me at first. Of course, meanwhile, in Spain they called us insane ».

More than romantic or sexual, Loles considers herself ‘a woman of impulses’: «I am a crush. If it pisses me off, that’s it. Love comes later. And she takes advantage of this topic to deny some headlines that talked about her vagina surgery: «It’s just not true. There is a laser used by breast cancer patients, because the entire reproductive system is greatly affected by chemo, and this treatment helps to hydrate. Nothing more. My gynecologist recommended it to me because everything hardens with age and without intercourse, and that causes endometrosis, for example. Come on, it’s serious. But saying that I have had surgery on my vagina sells more than saying that I have had a laser treatment. Too I was the first to say that I had menopause and that you had to be careful. The health of the vagina cannot be a taboo subject. Or like when my hair fell out, I counted it, and Raffaella He took me to the Vatican to fix it. So many things have to be normalized! Loles clarifies it because she has never had any qualms about talking about her surgeries, «since I started with the double chin until it took me Mercedes Mila to your program. She has always had her priorities clear: “If you are going to be happier with a few touch-ups, save up and pay for them. Why torment yourself with something that makes your life bitter? Decisions have to be made.” This is how he quit smoking to raise tones and sing at the Teatro de la Zarzuela: «Between smoking or getting on stage, I have it clear. The one who wants, something costs him».

Single mother and happy grandmother, Loles recognizes that this stage of life is wonderful: «I being a mother caught me young. It was difficult because I was a mother, an artist, a worker, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a head of the family… I was alone and I had to find a way for my son. At that time it was hard and I couldn’t enjoy motherhood. Now, however, I can be a grandmother without the responsibility of raising or educating them, just enjoying them. I am a grandmother at times. And my grandson knows that I am the boss. But I love it”. The only thing that has denied him life is a theater, “like Lina Morgan», and an attic in Madrid: «They are my unfulfilled dreams». More than a boyfriend? We asked her: “If I wanted a boyfriend, I would have one, but I don’t want to. I prefer to have fun with myself, I don’t want to ‘wiggle’. Another thing is to find someone with whom to share moments, dinners, talks, laughs, go dancing… But no couple. I really like my life, I enjoy it and I don’t want a man who is there, getting in the way. I’m not old enough to be aware of anyone.

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