May 18, 2022 2:03 pm

Gender violence: a soccer player was arrested for hitting his partner and his father-in-law

The former soccer player Lanus, Boca Juniors and last step by Atletico Tucuman Oscar “Junior” Benítez was arrested today, minutes after 5:30, accused of assaulting his partner, a 27-year-old girl, and his father-in-law.

According to police sources, the soccer player was arrested by a group of troops who arrived at the house in response to a call to the 911 emergency number in which he warned about requests for help Y Screams that originated in a house on Rodríguez Peña at 600, in the town of Loma Verde, in the district of Almirante Brown.

There the uniformed men found Juan Carlos, the father of the soccer player’s partner, who explained that the athlete attacked him and hit him in the eye.

After checking the house, the police found Caterine, the soccer player’s partner with marks and injuries caused by blows. According to the police report, the woman was beaten and nervous, when they asked her if her partner was still in the house, the young woman answered in the affirmative.

Then, the troops began a search of the property until, hidden behind some plants at the bottom of the field. They found the soccer player Benítez and arrested him, accused of injuries committed in the context of gender violence and threats.

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