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From eight Grammys to oblivion: this is how the members of NSYNC are today, the band that redefined the music of the ’90s

There are formulas that never fail and are destined for success. But, in order not to waste characters on multiple examples, one of the biggest ones should be highlighted: las boy bands. Although the characteristics vary according to the fashions of the decade, in essence they are always the same, and some came to be considered the greatest bands in history. In the case of NSYNC, who was an icon of the nineties, only one member went on to be remembered by pop culture and the rest vanished as if they had never been.

The boy bands were born in the ’40s from the hand of the male quartets that performed doo-wop songs in unison and became official with the resounding arrival of The Beatles in the ’60s.

The renowned rock band from Liverpool, despite the pain of musical snobs, is for many experts the mother of boy bands. Then came the ’70s, defined by The Jackson Five Y, Thus, we arrive at the relevant decade for this article: the ’90s and the acclaimed pop boom.

Upbeat music, futuristic outfits and choreography that everyone knew by dint of practice and repetition, were the elements that defined these musical ensembles. At the head came the boys from NSYNC, whose songs earned the position of the most listened to year after year. His hits are remembered to this day and, very surely, if “Bye, Bye, Bye” and “Everybody” are played at a party, most of those present can sing even if it is the chorus.

NYSNC consisted of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass.L. Busacca – WireImage

The boy band, contrary to what many believe, was not formed solely by Justin Timberlake. Next to him were JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick y Lance Bass. The five of them worked side by side for seven years, which were -perhaps- the most successful of their lives. They were nominated for eight Grammys, they worked with legendary names in music such as Elton John and the album they released broke sales records.

NSYNC was an icon of the boy bands of the '90s.
NSYNC was an icon of the boy bands of the ’90s.

It was 2001, their faces covered the rooms of thousands of teenagers and appeared on every magazine cover. With everything going for you, premiered Celebrity, which would be -unbeknownst to them- their last album. Once again, they sold millions of copies in just one week and their songs were playing on every radio station. At that point, the production company announced that they would go on hiatus to promote Justin Timberlake’s solo work. But the supposed vacations were extended until culminating in the end of the band.

Timberlake, supported by the label, continued among the most acclaimed celebrities and went from music to acting without a problem. He got involved with outstanding artists, participated in multiple film productions and added a couple more awards to his already full shelf. This time, the statuettes only had his name engraved. Over the years, he married Jessica Biel and had two beautiful children. Although he made it clear on several occasions that he was not against a meeting of NSYNC, he was never too willing.

Lance Bass he set out to prepare himself as an astronaut so that he could travel to the moon. He trained, studied, got NASA certifications, and did everything to join a Russian mission that would send him into space in 2002. Sadly, he hit an obstacle that he could not overcome: he had to pay an amount of 20 million dollars and he could not get the money.

Lance Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, became parents in 2021
Lance Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, became parents in 2021instagram

With the frustrated space dream, he tried to resume his artistic career. He appeared in multiple reality shows, went through some Broadway stages and lent his voice to various cartoon characters. Finally, she focused on domestic life and activism to defend the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community. She married and, together with her husband, became parents in November 2021.

Bass wasn’t the only one struggling to keep his art career alive. Chris Kirkpatrick created several bands after NSYNC in an attempt to express his vocation as a boy band member but he did not have much luck. After several failures, he disappeared only to return in a series of reality shows that sought to revive celebrities from the past. Once his brief and unhappy stint on television was over, he decided that his thing was social networks and, to this day, he organizes game nights on his Instagram account.

Chris Kirkpatrick was the one who suffered the most from the separation of NSYNC
Chris Kirkpatrick was the one who suffered the most from the separation of NSYNCinstagram

For Kirkpatrick the end of the band that brought him to fame was, perhaps, harder than for the rest. In dialogue with Huffington Post assured that “he was not ready for it to end” and that he was lost once he realized that they would never step on stage together again.

Joey Fatone I agreed with him and assured that, despite being happy about Timberlake’s triumph, it seemed strange to him that the record company never made it clear that the plan was to dissolve NSYNC. Once it happened, and seeing that there was no turning back, he tried his luck at the movies. After his debut with my big greek wedding, he opted for the Broadway stage and found his niche hosting game shows.

As of 2019, Joey Fatone hosts a game show called Common Knowledge.
As of 2019, Joey Fatone hosts a game show called Common Knowledge.instagram

Last but not least, it is JC Chasez. Shy and reclusive, he was never very fond of the herds of fans and paparazzi that followed him wherever he went. Perhaps, of all the members of the musical ensemble, he was the one who was most happy that the maelstrom had ended. He spent a couple of years writing songs for other artists, but finally chose to disappear from the public scene and is rarely seen.

JC Chasez captured by paparazzi
JC Chasez captured by paparazzi

Even if NSYNC ended amid miscommunications and conflicts caused by the pursuit of individual interests, no hard feelings remained between the musicians. At least, none so big that they cut off relationship. Years after the hiatus that turned into disbandment, the band got together to play twice more and some of them keep in touch.

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