May 19, 2022 2:56 am

Felipe Solá was rebuked while vacationing in Costa Rica and the former foreign minister responded

“Excuse me, I ask you a question, are you Felipe Solá?”, a person asked, while filming it, the former chancellor of the Front of All Felipe Solá during your vacation in Costa Rica. Dressed in light blue mesh, a white shirt and with a beach bag in his hand, the former official was initially calm, but then he ended up insulting whoever approached him when the tone of the conversation rose and this person He called it a “squirt”.

After consulting him in case it was Solá, the person filming him asked him: “How do people like you sleep peacefully?” The former foreign minister responded with another question: “Why don’t I go to sleep peacefully?”

The discussion that took place in a hotel restaurant all inclusive It lit up when the other tourist told him: “Because thirty years stealing people’s money and now you here.”

It was then that the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires and former national deputy, while adjusting his chinstrap, insulted him: “Go to the whore who gave birth to you. Go to the fucking mother who gave birth to you”.

While Solá was leaving with a woman, the Argentine tourist told him “go ahead” and continued to rebuke him. “Okay, but I sleep peacefully, because I don’t steal anyone’s money. Chorro, look, in Costa Rica”, yelled at this person whose face you never see in the video that quickly circulated on social media.

These images come close to the controversy that was caused by another record that showed the owner of PAMI, Luana Volnovich, already his second in the organism, Martin Rodriguez, -who is also her partner- on vacation in Holbox, an island paradise Mexico, despite the official suggestion that the members of the Cabinet tour the country.

this request for Alberto FernandezHowever, it would not fall on Solá, who was expelled from the list of ministers in the midst of the political crisis that the Frente de Todos went through last year, after the legislative PASO.

At that time, Solá was replaced by santiago cafiero -who still remains in the role of chancellor- and he disagreed with the way he was informed of his departure from the Casa Rosada: by phone, while on his way to Mexico for a CELAC summit.

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