May 18, 2022 9:28 pm

dance with death

They ruined life forever and ripped it out of someone else. One, in the cemetery; the rest behind bars. The tragic story of Fernando Báez, the young man murdered in front of a bowling alley in Villa Gesell two years ago, repeats itself in Brian Cuitiño, beaten to death and stoned to death when he left to dance, in Pilar, days ago.

Between one massacre and another, there are a thousand and one stories that did not end worse by chance: just to mention the most recent, the twenty-year-old boy attacked with bottles and kicks by a gang of six, in Playa Grande; the herd of ten that fractured the jaw of another at the exit of the Boutique Parador, in Pinamar; the girl attacked by women after another hectic night, in Calamuchita.

No one learns anything from the tragedies of others. They didn’t find out, they forget or they don’t want to remember them.

It is urgent in summer when the youth concentration around nightclubs intensifies, that there be police control and it is right there, where forceful messages -on posters, videos, on tickets, etc.- insist that every life is worth as much as one’s own and that it is better to control a moment of anger than to be later lamenting a life sentence like a murderer.

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