May 18, 2022 8:25 pm

Córdoba: he wanted to keep his car in the garage and ended up in the pool

An unusual event occurred on Wednesday night in Las Varillas, in the province of Córdoba, when a woman tried to park her car in the garage of her house and ended up in the sink, which was full of water.

The driver faded When he entered the home in his Ford Ka embroidered, he lost control and after hitting a window he went towards the pool and fell inside.

Volunteer Firefighters worked intensely to get the car out of the pool (Photo: El Heraldo)

neighborhood neighbors They helped the woman out of the vehicle., which was covered by water up to the windows.

Subsequently, they were summoned Volunteer Firefighters of Las Varilla, who came to get the car out of the pool And they got it after hard work.

The car was tied with lingas and towed until it was removed. Also with the collaboration of neighbors who were in the place.

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