May 17, 2022 12:10 pm

Comedian Amy Schumer reappeared on the networks and celebrated her new image

Amy Schumer became a mother for the first time at the age of 37 in 2019. At that time, her Instagram account was filled not only with photos of her newborn baby, but also of her in the postpartum period, where she described the changes that her life underwent. body during pregnancy. With these images, the actress and comedian tried to explain that the famous also go through the same situation than the rest of the mortals who have just given birth, as a message to show that the reality of bodies, far from filters and editing programs.

However, it was in the last few days that Schumer told on that same social network that she underwent liposuction in order to return to her normal weight after her pregnancy, and expressed that she is very happy with the results. “I feel good. Finally!”, The text begins with the one that explained what this change means for her.

In the photographs, the actress was shown on the beach on vacation and wearing a black one-piece mesh that marks your new silhouette. “It was a [gran] trip. Thank you for helping me get my strength back.” He asserted in the letter in which he praised the doctors specialized in excision of endometriosis and plastic surgery who were in charge of his liposuction. On the other hand, she narrated what this physical change means to her after two years of giving birth to her son Gene.

The emotional message she shared to explain what this change means to herInstagram

“I never thought I would do anything other than talk to myself after my uterus didn’t contract for two and a half years”, he affirmed that they were the questions that were made since then. Thus, she said, at 40 years old it was a pending task that she had with herself, but that she finally achieved.

Lastly, the comedian thanked all the people who helped her in this process and the alternative treatments she did, like acupuncture, that helped her get over it. “To my friends and family. Let’s go!”, she synthesized, excited. The publication exceeded 375 thousand likes and was filled with dozens of comments from celebrities and fans who congratulated her on having achieved her wish, among which were the actresses Jenifer Anniston Y Michelle Pfeiffer.

The actress was shown wearing a splendid figure
The actress was shown wearing a splendid figureInstagram

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