May 14, 2022 9:00 pm

Chilean writer Cristian Alarcón wins the Alfaguara 2022 award




The Chilean writer Christian Alarcon has won the XXV edition of the Alfaguara award for the work ‘The Third Paradise’, a “beautiful novel with a dual structure” set in various places in Chile and Argentina and in which the protagonist “reconstructs the history of his ancestors”. The award is endowed with 175,000 dollars, a sculpture by Martín Chirino and the simultaneous publication of the winning novel throughout the Spanish-speaking territory.

“It is a door to the hope of finding a refuge in the small in the face of collective tragedies,” explained the president of the jury, Fernando Aramburu, in a face-to-face and telematic press conference from the Casino de Madrid, who added that ‘ The Third Paradise’ also reflects recognizable historical facts: from the 1960 earthquake to Allende’s arrival in power or the coup d’état and subsequent repression.

The jury has highlighted in ‘The Third Paradise’ «the narrative vigor of a beautiful novel, with a dual structure. Set in various places in Chile and Argentina, the protagonist reconstructs the history of his ancestors, while delving into his passion for cultivating a garden, in search of a personal paradise. The novel opens a door to the hope of finding a refuge from collective tragedies in the small. As the author says, “beauty begins in the wonder of flowers, as beautiful as they are finite, in which we will always see the mystery that cannot be solved”».

The deadline for receipt of originals ended on October 31 and 899 manuscripts attended the call: 131 from Argentina, 87 from Colombia, 43 in Chile, 408 from Spain, 57 from the United States, Mexico with 119 and Peru and Uruguay with 29 and 25 respectively.

This very special edition is celebrated after the concession to Alfaguara of the
National Award for Best Cultural Editorial Work
corresponding to the year 2021, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports «in recognition of his role in the history of the Spanish edition, for his contribution to the training of readers in the best international narrative, for his role in disseminating the creation in Spanish from both shores and for his innovative contribution to children’s and young people’s literature”.

The last Alfaguara novel prize,
‘The Abysses’
(2021), by the Colombian writer Pilar Quintana, was recognized, in the words of the jury of that edition, for building, «with the backdrop of a feminine world of women tied to the wheel of a Ferris wheel from which they cannot They don’t know how to escape, a powerful story narrated from an apparent naivety that contrasts with the unhappy atmosphere that surrounds the protagonist. With a subtle and luminous prose in which nature connects us with the symbolic possibilities of literature, and the abysses are both real and intimate».

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