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Behind the scenes: this was the birthday of Francesca, the daughter of Wanda Nara

As he usually does in his posts, Wanda Nara demonstrated once again the level of affinity and love that he maintains with his five children. On this occasion, the model shared a publication of the family celebration of the birthday of Francesca, the eldest of the daughters he had with Mauro Icardi, and dedicated an emotional message to him.

Last Wednesday, January 19, Francesca Icardi celebrated his 7th birthday. From her Instagram account, Nara expressed good wishes and wished her daughter the best of days through a publication accompanied by some images of the celebration.

The photograph that the couple uploaded on their social networks: surrounded by family and with their two petsCapture Instagram

“If every human being had your purity, your heart, your simplicity, your love, your care for nature and animalsIt would surely be a better world.” wrote at the beginning of the post, which was also published at the same time in the profile of the Paris Saint-Germain striker.

Wrapped in pride and emotion, she continued: “Thank you for making our world so special 7 years ago. Give us your adventures, smiles and tenderness”. “We love you with all our soul and we will always take care of you and make you happy. Your family and your little animals love you very much sweet Fran”, he concluded.

According to your dedication, the blonde also shared three postcards and a video of the intimate and family celebration they held for the birthday. A celebration that included a indoor snack and a theme related to animals, particularly dogs. Inside the house, some inflatable balloons shone and on the cake there were some brown footprints according to the theme.

Some details of Francesa Icardi's birthday, set on the theme of animals
Some details of Francesa Icardi’s birthday, set on the theme of animalsCapture Instagram

In addition to Francesa, the mediatic marriage enjoyed the evening in the company of Valentino (12), Constantino (11 and Benedict (9) -children that Wanda has in common with Maxi López- and Isabella (5), the youngest of the clan. A particular detail is that they were the two dogs of the family, the Dogue de Bordeaux and the Pomeranian puppy.

His father, meanwhile, also dedicated another message to him through the same social network. Along with a photo in which he has Francesca in his arms, surrounded by teddy bears and with the company of Wanda, the athlete wrote: “Happy birthday to our princess. It’s 7 years.”

The photograph that Mauro Icardi shared on his Instagram account
The photograph that Mauro Icardi shared on his Instagram accountCapture Instagram

At the time of blowing out the candles, the birthday girl’s brothers sang happy birthday to her in Italian. Let us remember that the businesswoman revealed some time ago that due to her constant changes of country her five children speak four languages. It depends on where they are, children adapt to speak the corresponding language.

The truth is In the stories that he usually uploads, you can hear his children speaking several languages: sometimes they chat with their mother in Spanish, and they mix it with Italian, their second language due to the number of years they lived there.

Francesa Icardi’s birthday celebration with her family

As for the reactions, the couple’s post was immediately filled with good wishes for Francesca, and among the hundreds of comments appeared that of some celebrities and relatives such as Ana Rosenfeld, Kenny Palacios, Nora Colosimo y Zaira Nara.

After the family reunion all the members continued with the celebration in a very important restaurant in Paris, in which the businesswoman continued to share all the details through her social networks.

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