May 17, 2022 12:46 pm

A participant tried to seduce Nazarena Di Serio, she put him to the test and dislodged him

Nazarena Di Serio debuted on the air 100 Argentines say (eltrece) as a replacement for Dani La Chepi, who tested positive for Covid-19 and had to isolate for a few days. While Dario Barassi is on vacation and assumes other work commitments, his place on the screen of Eltrece rotates between different figures.

The meteorologist took the reins for a few days and has already managed to captivate the program’s participants. However, one of the contestants tried to advance a little more with other intentions but well He failed to conquer the driver.

Like Barassi, Di Serio reached out to the winning family to chat with them and glean a little insight into their lives. “Joaquín, I can’t ask you anything because you don’t have a girlfriend, you’re alone, you’re having a blast,” Nazarena joked. Taking advantage of the situation, the young man replied with a smile on his face: “As you wish, we can talk about whatever you want”.

“This one is shooting at me in a terrible way, Luli… Luli, say something!”, exclaimed the driver looking behind the camera and speaking to the general producer. “Well, Naza… think about it”, was heard in the background. Di Serio took the advice, walked over to the counter and sat on top. “This boy is full today with me, It’s the first thing I get up in these first three days… if we’re going to do things, we’re going to do them right. Tell me, how is it going?”, he told Joaquín.

A participant tried to conquer Naza Di Serio but it did not go as expected

“After three days, am I the first?” he asked. “Yes, because many couples come. Is everything okay?” Nazarena answered and tried to resume the conversation with the participant. Joaquín answered and tried to get a conversation out of him. However, their efforts were not enough. “Is that the chamuyo you have? Come on, chamuyá well…”, she replied. “No, well, but what do you want me to tell you?” He sentenced. with annoyed face, Nazarene She complained while looking at the camera and looking at him.

“No, I don’t have to script you… Oh, Luli, do you see this happening to me? Joaco, I come here, I sit at the counter, I tell you: ‘Come on, chamuyame’ and you say: ‘What do you want me to tell you?’”, he sentenced. Again he had his chance: “How are you feeling, let’s see? Come on, let’s start. Are you very calm? What do you expect for this year?

The questions were not enough and with a bit of humor he closed the moment: “What horrible questions! Horrible Chamuya, it bored me… if a kid in a bar asks me: ‘What are you expecting for this year?’… What are you, my old lady? My boss? What do you want to do this year on the channel? … a horror. Luli, can we do another casting? “But we’re not in a bar!” The young man in the background managed to reply.

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