May 21, 2022 9:54 pm

What does the energy portal hold for us next Tuesday 02/02/2022?

2/2/2022 is a special day for numerology. That day an energy portal opens that will help us “to trust our intuition, to empower ourselves, to allow our emotions to flow, to learn to act from the heart, to let go of fears, to stop self-boycotting and lying to ourselves”, Soledad Arias, the numerologist behind the Instagram account, told us. @numerologiasolearias.

Portals are energy that our mysterious universe gives us. Basically they are days in which the earthly and etheric worlds merge, increasing our perception and giving us the opportunity to evolve, to change.”, clarified the specialist.

To navigate February 2 of this year in the best way, Soledad advances us the frequency of this numerical vibration: “During that day, sensitivity will take over us and we will feel like protecting both others and ourselves. themselves”.

The 2 represents the passive polarity of the mind, the subconscious aspect; Duality”. It is the first even number and, therefore, feminine and complementary to 1. 2 makes everything ambivalent. That is, you can join or separate. Sometimes things stall a bit or delay them for not being a number with initiative; does not mobilize It asks you to wait, but it also invites you to choose; to lower a change. The challenge here is to learn to go deeper, to look beyond the obvious situation; It asks you to look inside yourself with sincerity and take charge of what you really want and feel”, the numerologist completed. “These emotions will help us stop ‘tolerating’ the intolerable: set limits, respect others and make us respect ourselves” @numerologiasolearias clarifies us about this numerical vibration.

This means that there will be a higher force that pushes us to “contradictions, rivalry, surprises, unusual events.” The number 28 also “connects us with the 2 of Wands (because each number has a name or a tarot card assigned) that marks new possibilities and connects us with new horizons” explained Soledad Arias..

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