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Today’s horoscope Thursday January 20: check the prediction for your zodiac sign



If you want to know what awaits you today at work, health or love, you can now explore the today’s horoscope prediction Thursday January 20 for you Zodiac sign. Anticipate randomness and prepare in time for what astral movements have in store for you today: will it be a good day at the office or will it be better to keep a low profile to avoid brown spots? And in matters of the heart? Will the forces of the universe smile on me? Avoid unnecessary surprises and take a look at horoscope forecasts of today’s ABC for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.


In the economy you do not have your best moment, but neither are problems ahead, Aries.

Be more realistic with your expenses, wait until you really need things. Your economy is quite stable right now and that will give you peace of mind. You will be very good with your co-workers, the atmosphere will be very positive. There will be sentimental prosperity in a short time, do not be discouraged, love knocks on your door. Happy moments are coming in your relationship that you should take full advantage of. Do not tell anyone what you intend to do, do your business privately. It is time to put an end to family fights and controversial situations. You will feel in harmony with what surrounds you, with tranquility and very well. In health, you will have a lot of energy and it is convenient for you to discharge it healthily, try exercise. Rest as much as you can because soon you will have a lot of activity.


Taurus, you will have some difficult days at work because of a colleague, be calm. Do not believe everything you hear in your work environment, there are unsubstantiated rumours. Delegate responsibilities to your colleagues, it will not diminish your situation at all. The possibilities of emotional encounters and unforeseen solutions increase. Do not take literally what they tell you, you could hurt with your answer. If you had setbacks with your partner, or with someone else, today you can solve it. If you maintain balance in everything you do, you will achieve the success you deserve in love. Try not to get discouraged, look more at the positive than the negative. Therapies and remedies always take time, be patient. You will spend a few days in excellent health, keep taking care of yourself a little. You should put aside laziness, you need dynamism, move a little.


Try that the responsibilities do not exceed you, Gemini, take it easy. You will find the work rewarding and you will not have financial problems. If you don’t have a job or are thinking of changing, make a concrete plan of action. Starting this week you will see a solution in legal and labor issues that are backlogged. You are in a tone that brings romance and love closer to you, so you must be very careful. In a very short time you will be reaping what you have been sowing for months. Good news for you: if something caused you pain in the past, you can overcome it. An annoyance you had will disappear and everything will be fine, don’t stop taking care of yourself. Take care of your health, after a break you will notice your balanced body, sleep a little more. Try to do some exercise or move around a bit, it will do you a lot of good. Take advantage of your dynamism to make a getaway, go out or do something interesting.


Consider the different job alternatives you have, Cancer, and do not decide without prior advice. Do not worry if something takes time to arrive because you will finally achieve it, be patient. Work issues are confusing, so it’s best not to jump into anything new. Your work situation is good even if it doesn’t seem like it, don’t go into gossip. Do not lose sight of your goals, follow them and no matter what happens, do not be discouraged. An unexpected situation can make you doubt the love of a certain person. Do not be overwhelmed by a rumor in which the person you love is involved, it is false. Today you will find the solution of pending sentimental problems. The excesses will end up taking their toll on you, you have to control yourself more. Pay attention to your health, today is a good day to purify your body with fruits and juices, without exaggerating. Dark ideas cause tensions and anguish, do not get carried away by them.


You will hear a news Leo, which will be productive from an economic point of view. You will have the opportunity to move forward businesses that were stagnant or cold. Make adjustments to your economy, consolidate expenses and avoid contracting new debts. You are in an important work stage to make decisions, you will obtain positive results. Sometimes a wrong word said at the wrong time creates too many problems, avoid it. You will restart your life in love in the free and independent way that characterizes you. You are in a lucky tone, new sentimental paths are opening in your astral horizon. If you suffered a burn or skin injury, you are in a healing process. Although it seems to you that you have many problems on top of you, they are already being resolved. In health, if you eat in a disorderly way and without schedules, you will suffer stomach disorders. Always maintain your equanimity in the midst of the tense situations that arise today.


If you have a stable job, Virgo, everything is going well, there is no reason to worry. You will receive extra job proposals that will come in handy from a material point of view. Don’t let them pressure you into making an important financial decision. You must be careful not to see yourself in situations of gossip and labor entanglements. You could meet someone very interesting this week, try to cultivate their friendship. You will feel very good and strong to start a relationship, make the most of love. This is a good day to take the initiative, if you are interested in someone. Do not give too much importance to the daily problems that overwhelm you. Review what you’re doing and take steps to improve your health and recover. You are in a cycle that increases your self-esteem and puts you on the right path. You should sleep at least eight hours a day to recover your energy.


Do not be dazzled by the verbal promise of a higher salary, Libraask for it in writing. You are in the doldrums at work and wanting to quit, but there will be changes. You must take the initiative at work, you will do better than you think. They will return some money or something that you lent a long time ago, it will be good for you. In love, if you give it a chance, your partner will respond by showing you how much he loves you. You should have more spontaneity and let your feelings flow, it will benefit you. Pay attention to your intuition and follow your first impulse, it will lead you to success. Your sentimental life is stagnating, try to turn it around in some way. You want to make a trip, but you need to save, if you are interested you will do it. You are in good general health, but you are spending little time taking care of yourself. You will feel strong and happy, try to stay that way, take care of yourself.


You will want to change things and not everyone will take it well, scorpio, you will have to be patient and explain well the reasons that lead you to it if you do not want to have problems. At work you will do well despite the difficulties that other colleagues may have. If you go about your business and only empathize with those who need it, you will prevent problems from enveloping you and complicating your life. In love you will be especially affectionate with your partner and you will be more demonstrative in your feelings than usual, something that your partner will thank you for because they need it. You will not skimp on details and it is easy that at the end of the working day, you take your partner to dinner or out with friends to enjoy a little. Stress could cause a wear on your health that does not benefit you. Try to rest and take care of yourself a little, to recover soon and continue with your rhythm of life.


This day you will have pleasant surprises in the economy, Sagittarius, things will be fine. Your mind is full of expenses and bills, you will begin to manage yourself better. In your work you will do quite well, even better than you expected. If you do not have a partner, you are in a great time to meet people. Favorable news will come to you regarding the family today. You will have to arm yourself with patience with the family, but it will compensate you. You will meet new people and maybe even someone valid for a love relationship. Begin to control your diet and lead a healthier lifestyle. You’ll go out and do whatever it takes to avoid monotony, and you’ll get it. For your good health, you should dedicate more time to leisure and relaxation, not everything is obligations. You will be very calm and you will dedicate yourself to solving your affairs this day.


You will have favorable news about a work project that you were waiting for, Capricorn. At work you lack creativity, use your imagination to improve. You start a good period of work, new opportunities will come to you. It is a good time to get the money or support you need. You will spend your free time with the family and you will have very pleasant moments. You have a propitious moment to organize parties and meetings in your house, a love may arise, even if it is temporary. You will receive good news from friends who are far away, you will be happy. If you eat more fruit and vegetables from now on, your body will thank you. You will feel optimistic and hopeful this day, which will suit you very well. In health, a more positive attitude on your part would improve your physical and mental state. Try not to rush things, give each matter the necessary time.




You are in a good economic moment, Pisces, you can afford certain things. At work you will have many valuable ideas, take advantage of the good time. You will get them to listen to you regarding your tasks and you will be able to introduce some improvement. You don’t know where your money is going, but unforeseen events overwhelm you. You will do what you want and you will enjoy your surroundings, you will feel good. You will make necessary changes in your home and you will be very aware of it. You must be very careful with what you say in love so as not to provoke jealousy in your partner. You should listen more to what your body is trying to tell you, listen to the symptoms, for your health. You lead a rhythm of life quite adequate to your needs and you will feel good. Your optimism is something that those who know you admire a lot, keep it up. Maintain order in your life, as you like, and you will continue just as well.

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