May 17, 2022 3:16 pm

This private island in the Caribbean is selling for the same price as an apartment in Palermo

Crystal clear waters, white sand and vegetation are the letter of introduction of Sapodilla Cayes, an extension of two private islands in the Caribbean that recently came up for sale. Although the idea of ​​acquiring a piece of land in one of the most paradisiacal places in the world may sound crazy, the prices asked for these jewels are not so high when compared to other options offered by the real estate market locally and international.

Sapodilla Cayes is an extension made up of two islands in Belize, a small English-speaking country located in Central America. The land, which has just go on sale for $600,000, It is located a few kilometers from the coasts of Guatemala and Honduras.

The island is framed in a tropical landscape that looks like something out of a movie and has permission to build. In that sense, embarking on the purchase can be a smart investment if you are considering building a house or a hotel for tourism purposes.

The island has permission to buildPrivate Islands Inc

The land is listed on Private Islands Inc, a site specializing in the sale of private islands. It is not the only offer available: there are hundreds of tempting options for investors, as a plot on the island of Long Caye for US$254,000, with all the facilities ready to move in and close to Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye, famous diving areas in Belize.

The question before this opportunity is why buy a private island. Although allocating the land for personal enjoyment is a more than interesting option, it is important to know that Starting a business on such a piece of land can be a very profitable investment. Is that it is a tropical paradise in a highly sought after area. In fact, Sapodilla Cayes is close to Gladden and Keanu, two private islands destined for vacation stays that have 5-star luxury resorts.

Keanu Islands is intended for vacation stay and is located near Sapodilla Cayes
Keanu Islands is intended for vacation stay and is located near Sapodilla CayesPrivate Islands Inc

The sale price of the island is not far from what it costs to acquire a property in a top area of ​​the City of Buenos Aires. In Palermo, for example, where the value per square meter is around US$3,045 according to ZonaProp, an apartment of around 200 m² can pay that amount or more. In fact, it is enough to open any real estate search engine to verify that there are units that are at much higher values. Although these are completely different assets, it is captivating to know that starting a business there can pay off very well.

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