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The last consequence of the state of health of Antonio Resines




Anthony Resines, hospitalized since Christmas for bilateral pneumonia aggravated by the coronavirus, was going to premiere the series in February ‘We apologize for the inconveniences‘, on Movistar Plus, along with Miguel Rellán (who also suffered an ordeal after contracting covid). The platform, according to various media reports, has decided to postpone the broadcast of this comedy directed and written by Juan Cavestany and Álvaro Fernández Armero (‘Vergüenza’) about two friends and veteran musicians. ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’ is the return of Resines to a television series as the protagonist after his cameos in ‘Deudas’, where he played himself and Carmen Maura’s love interest.

‘Sentimos las molestias’: Miguel Rellán y Antonio Resines «rompen el tabú» y se ríen de la vejez


The series that will replace ‘We apologize for the inconveniences’ It will then be the comedy ‘Nasdrovia’, with Leonor Watling and Hugo Silva, whose second season was shot almost a year ago. If in January, Movistar+ premieres ‘Everyone lies’, by Pau Freixas; in March it will be the turn for the second season of ‘The Unit’.

Resines he was shooting the third part of the Santiago Segura film ‘Padre no hay más que uno’, but he has other titles and programs pending release. This is the case of his trip to Costa Rica with Jesús Calleja for ‘Planeta Calleja’ (that installment was recorded in April 2021). Calleja himself, during the promotion of the new season of his program for Cuatro, confirmed that Antonio Resines “it’s going up.”

Another colleague from the profession, Javier Gutiérrez, has also spoken about the state of health of Anthony Resines: “He’s not having a good time. He is a very strong man, with a lot of strength, eager to get hooked on life, and although he is in a delicate situation, I hope that in the coming weeks we will continue to have good and hopeful news. It will work out for sure.”

Antonio Resines and Jesús Calleja, in April 2021
Antonio Resines and Jesús Calleja, in April 2021 – Twitter

Gutiérrez, now in theater with the play ‘Principiantes’, had nice words for Resines, a friend of his, whom he praised for his good advice and what a good friend he is: «We are a legion of friends, admirers and colleagues who are pushing for it to move forward». Santiago Segura, for example, asked to pray for his health.

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