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The Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín: a love against all odds




She, Infanta of Spain -at that time the third in the line of Succession to the Crown- and he, star handball player of FC Barcelona who became an Olympic athlete. The love story of Christina of Bourbonand Greece e Inaki Urdangarin It began in July 1996, during the celebration of the Olympic Games in Atlanta. However, it was not until the celebration of a later dinner in honor of the athletes when the sister of the then prince philip She was totally captivated by the young and irresistible blonde with blue eyes and 1.90 tall. A totally reciprocal love at first sight, as it is even said that he abandoned his lifelong girlfriend for the Infanta.

Only one year of courtship took them to realize that theirs was ‘for life’ and on October 4, 1997 they were married in the Cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia in Barcelona before more than 1,500 guests. As a result of their love, four beautiful children were born – three boys and, finally, a girl – with whom they formed a family that seemed to embody the idea of ​​happiness.

Once retired from high competition sport, Urdangarín oriented her profession towards the organization of sporting events, while she continued with her work at the La Caixa Foundation, in addition to her role as Infanta of Spain. In 2009, the family moved to Washington after the former athlete’s appointment as president of the Public Affairs Commission of Telefónica in Latin America. They were the perfect couple.

The last time that the marriage attended an institutional act as members of the Spanish Royal Family was on October 12, 2011, celebration of the National Holiday. That day they were present both at the military parade and at the subsequent reception together with the then Kings Don Juan Carlos Y Dona Sofia; the Princes of Asturias, don philip Y Queen Letizia and the Infanta Elena.

But a little less than a month later, that dream life vanished at a stroke when it was learned that Justice was investigating Urdangarín for an alleged case of corruption. An ordeal that the couple faced together. Media pressure caused them to be separated from the Royal Family and stripped of the title of Dukes of Palma. It was at that moment that his real nightmare began. Iñaki was charged in the Palma Arena case which later led to the ‘Nóos’ case and the couple ended up sitting on the defendants’ bench. A trial that ended with the Infanta acquitted and Urdangarin sentenced to five years and ten months in prison.

Now, it seems that the storm has come to an end and the waters are returning to calm. Currently, Urdangarín enjoys a situation of semi-freedom completing the third grade in Vitoria, where his mother lives, along with the Infanta Cristina, totally away from the media spotlight.

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