May 16, 2022 3:12 pm

The FEBF signs a collaboration agreement with AVIAP




Jesus of Savior, president of the Association of Auditors and Public Auditors of the Valencian Community (AVIAP), has signed a collaboration agreement with Isabel Gimenez Zuriaga, general director of the Foundation for Stock Market and Financial Studies (FEBF), to promote collaboration and social interaction, and support new projects and specific educational activities.

The Association of Auditors and Public Auditors of the Valencian Community (AVIAP) is the first cross-cutting entity of auditors and auditors of all public administrations, established to spread knowledge of public management in Valencian society, collaborating in the debate generated by budget execution, from a professional and cross-cutting perspective as they are controlling public servants spending, to inform and participate in forming the opinion and criteria of all citizens.

The Stock Market and Financial Studies Foundation is a non-profit entity, made up of a large group of industrial and service companies, financial entities and professional offices from the three provinces of the Valencian Community; which has been working since 1990 with the aim of consolidating the Valencian Community as a reference financial center, with two lines of work: Training, as a permanent need for all economic agents, to guarantee continuous improvement in order to increase efficiency and improve the competitiveness of the Valencian business fabric; The development of projects, in which the Foundation acts as a link between economic agents, to encourage and promote financial activity in the Valencian Community. Throughout its 30 years of existence, 50,000 students have passed through the Foundation’s classrooms and the Foundation has published 27 books and 12 studies.

Both entities share the objective of dissemination of the culture of public management in society, with the purpose of informing and participating in the formation of opinion and criteria of all citizens, having as references the principles of transparency, efficiency and legality.

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