May 22, 2022 4:42 am

Stoppage of trains: they assure that tomorrow there will be service “almost certainly”

The president of Trenes Argentinos, Martín Marinucci, affirmed today that “almost certainly” tomorrow the trains “will work normally” since “an agreement with the union” of the Union Personal Superior Ferroviario (UPSF) will be reached.

“We are talking with the representatives of the union and I have no doubt that we will reach an agreement”, said the official in statements to Télam during the presentation of the “Safe Travel” program, which took place at the Constitución station with the participation of the Minister of Transport, Alexis Guerrera, and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa.

In this context, he added: “I know of the dedication of the workers and of the their predisposition not to leave people without transportation at this time, and of the will they expressed to advance in a solution”.

”We have been meeting yesterday and today and we will continue this afternoon and I can say almost certainly that tomorrow the train service will be normal”, he remarked.

The Union Personal Superior Ferroviario (UPSF), led by Carlos Neme, summoned a 24 hour stoppage for tomorrow in the Sofse and Belgrano Cargo and Logistics companies in rejection of “the labor discrimination suffered by workers” and other demands.

The union organization, which represents the senior staff of the activity, detailed in a statement that the 24-hour strike will take place in the companies Sofse (Sarmiento, Roca, San Martín, Mitre, Belgrano Sur and Tren de la Costa, Long Distance and Regional Lines) and Belgrano Cargas (Urquiza, Belgrano and San Martín Lines).

“There are unresolved claims and negotiations with both companies have run out. There is labor discrimination due to lack or absence of remuneration for seniority, daily snack, percentage by university and tertiary degree and the non-recognition of rights and other benefits to workers”, indicated the leader.

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