May 18, 2022 4:17 pm

Press associations demand explanations for the Government’s veto of critical media




The Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE), the Madrid Press Association (APM) and Reporters Without Borders Spain (RSF-Spain) demand explanations from the Government after the veto of several media outlets with an editorial line critical of the Executive, who were not invited to an informative briefing on the European recovery funds for the coronavirus.

This Tuesday, ABC was excluded from a call to which other media such as Cope, Onda Cero, ‘El Mundo’, ‘La Razón’, ‘The Objective’, ‘Libertad Digital’, and the Servimedia news agencies were also not invited. and Colpisa. After several of them denounced the veto in their information, from the Secretary of State for Communication they argued that they had not been summoned for reasons of space, despite the fact that hours later a press conference was held in the same complex, where they were. All media could participate.

The president of the FAPE, Nemesio Rodríguez, assures ABC that both from his association and from the APM they have transferred their “discomfort” to the Secretary of State for Communication, Francesc Vallès, with whom they coincidentally had arranged a meeting Wednesday morning. Precisely, at the meeting they were already thinking of blaming recent episodes such as Pedro Sánchez’s balance-of-the-year press conference, on December 29, in which only six media outlets were given the floor: La Sexta, la Ser, ‘El País’, ‘’, and the public TVE and Efe. “There must be plurality and access to information must be guaranteed for everyone,” Rodríguez ditches.

Along the same lines, the spokesman for the APM, Luis Ayllón, spoke in conversation with this newspaper: “We must insist: we must demand that the Government respect plurality and that everyone can be on equal terms.” The latter responds to another ‘a posteriori’ argument from La Moncloa, from where it has been justified that there will be other meetings with those media, without having set a date or having previously informed them that the previous ‘briefing’ would transcend.

The Secretary of State for Communication, according to the sources consulted, has limited himself to telling the FAPE and the APM the same thing: that the Executive “does not veto anyone”, that it was a matter of “space” and that “there will be more meetings ” in the future. The arguments are also not convincing to RSF-Spain, which is preparing a condemnation statement. According to its vice president, Edith Rodríguez Cachera, the capacity excuse is “ridiculous.” In statements to this newspaper, he demands “plausible” explanations from the Government and expresses his “disagreement and perplexity” with what happened. «They are vices of the past. We thought that these tricks had changed and we see that they had not, “he laments.

At a political level, as this newspaper widely reported this Wednesday, the PP and Ciudadanos have reacted against the veto and have denounced it both in the European Parliament, through MEPs Dolors Montserrat and Adrián Vázquez, respectively, and in Congress. The PP spokeswoman in the Lower House, Cuca Gamarra, has demanded the appearance of the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, while Inés Arrimadas and Guillermo Díaz have registered a battery of questions to the coalition government. Even a member of the Executive, such as the Republican Gabriel Rufián, has admitted that “it seems wrong” to him that “media that ask questions, that do journalism” are vetoed.

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