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Political plurality, banned in the streets of Vic (Barcelona)




The small town of Vic (Barcelona) It has established itself in recent years as the reservoir of the most radical and intolerant independence movement. On several occasions, only two in recent weeks, the city council of this town of 45,000 inhabitants has displayed its lack of respect for political pluralism by denying the right to plant street tents to entities such as Everyone’s School, which calls for more Spanish in Catalan classrooms, or the PPC. The reason? That they threatened the morality and order of this city governed with an absolute majority by Junts.

In the case of the popular ones, they asked at the end of December for permission to place a tent this Saturday. This week they have been denied attending

to one municipal ordinance which literally appeals to the morality and coexistence. From the PP they received the answer with certain astonishment. «There comes a moment at this point in the film that does not surprise us at all, but it has to be very clear that these practices are detrimental to freedom and to the people of Vic. What way of restricting freedom and plurality is this? Imagine if something like this were done in another place, ”Manuel Reyes, head of the training ranks in the province of Barcelona, ​​​​explains to ABC.

However, in the PP they do not give up and affirm that they will be this weekend in the streets of the town, where they also plan to constitute their new local board. “We are going to be in front of the town hall denouncing what happened, they can ban us from the letter, but not the right to go out into the street and give a press conference explaining what happened,” warns the popular leader. The veto of the popular party is added to another, last week, carried out in this case by the Escuela de Todos entity, which defends bilingual education in Catalonia. They were also vetoed in a “discretionary” manner using article 96 of the municipal ordinance of ‘good governance and civility’, which refers to the veto of activities that attempt against “morality, good customs and public order”.

“We have questioned the mayor Anna Erra to rectify your refusal to grant us permission. In addition, you have been informed that in the event that they reiterate that position, we are going to request a concentration permit, in the same place, day and time, in protest at their totally arbitrary and unbecoming decision of a democratic council. Those of us who defend a plural Catalonia cannot remain silent in the face of the attempt to treat us as second-class citizens with fewer rights than those who defend linguistic immersion,” he warns. Ana Losada, spokesperson for this recently constituted entity to demand the application of 25% of classes in Spanish in all Catalan classrooms.

The scrupulous surveillance of the use of public space applied by the Vic City Council when those who request permission are constitutionalist entities or formations contrasts with the wide sleeve that is given to any ‘independent’ performance. In 2018, the sovereigntists used the municipal public address system for weeks to give voice to their slogans against the “repression” of the independence movement. “Let us remember every day that there are still political prisoners and exiles. Let us not deviate from our objective: the independence of Catalonia». This message resounded in the town square for weeks, a space still full of gigantic portraits of the leaders of the ‘procés’. The city also made an impact by installing a sea of ​​yellow crosses in its main square in memory of the prisoners of 1-O, a picture that aroused the angry reaction of a neighbor who decided to enter the place with his car and knock them over with the steering wheel.

The truth is that even today, with the prisoners already on the streets and the independence movement in a depressive phase, in Vic no opportunity is wasted to show affection for the ‘procés’. Without going any further, you are festivities crowned its Christmas tree with a large, luminous yellow bow. In recent months, Vic has also witnessed another shocking scene with some normality, that of a group of hooded men climbing the facade of the town hall to tear down the Spanish flag that hangs from the balcony and then burn it in the square before their eyes, and the applause, from some neighbors.

throughout the last few days, ABC has repeatedly tried to contact the City Council of the locality to know his version on the veto to the tents of the PP and Escuela de Todos. Also to know the reasons that have led to using a regulation that appeals to “morality” to veto political tents. At the close of this edition, the consistory still did not offer any response from its communication manager, who refused to give statements.

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