May 27, 2022 12:43 pm

Nine out of ten Spaniards opt for sustainable packaging




The importance of sustainability in the shopping basket of the Spanish population has gained greater prominence in recent months. Consumers not only show interest in the origin and ingredients of the products they buy, but also take into account that these are sustainable. This also applies to new drinks and that is 88% of Spaniards say they will stop consuming beverages whose packaging cannot be 100% recycled, according to a survey conducted by Ball, the largest producer of beverage cans in the world.

This commitment to consume more sustainable products seems to be maintained in the future. At least, this is what 93% of those surveyed believe. In the case of beverage packaging, the Spanish state that, if they are undecided between two different beverages, the sustainability of the packaging would be a decisive element for 92% when choosing one or the other.

Healthier and more sustainable drinks

In this last year, and due in part to restrictions on leisure and hours, consumers have changed their consumption habits and opted for other alternatives, including new types of drinks. Some of the most consumed by Spaniards in the last 12 months have been natural soft drinks (49%), sparkling water as an alternative to soft drinks (27%), light or low-alcohol spirits (23%) or kombucha (14%), among others.

Some of the reasons why those surveyed have decided to try this type of drink are to reduce sugar consumption (48%), try new experiences (37%), reduce alcohol consumption (27%), increase consumption in home (23%) or go out more during the day than at night -what is popularly known as morning or afternoon- (21%).

The aluminum can, the ideal container

When choosing between these new beverage trends, Spaniards look mainly at the composition of the beverage (39%) and the brand that markets it (21%), but also at other aspects such as the packaging being light and easy to carry (14%) and 100% recyclable (13%), in addition to its design (12%).

«The aluminum can meets those requirements demanded by the respondents. But those are not the only attributes it possesses, as the can can also be recycled an infinite number of times and, once recycled, can be converted into another identical container in just 60 days. All this makes it the ideal container for all these new trends in healthier and more sustainable beverages”, says Myriam Galmés, Ball’s Commercial Manager for Southern Europe.

In fact, the Spanish are already willing to consume a wide variety of canned drinks such as coffee-based beverages (33%), water (32%), flavored water (27%), sparkling water (26%), non-alcoholic cocktails (25%), cider (18% ), wine (12%) or kombucha (11%).

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