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New complaint for mistreatment in the recordings of Cebollitas: “There was psychological harassment”

“We were very young, they shit on us … they farted us as if we had killed someone,” revealed Juan Yacuzzi, who played “Coqui” in October. Cebollitas (Telephone). From that moment, the controversy ignited and many of the actors who were part of the successful series joined the accusations of mistreatment. and threats they suffered from production. Now it was Mariana Rubio, who put herself in the shoes of “Roxana”, who spoke of the “psychological abuse” that was experienced on the set.

Cebollitas it was a strip that quickly became a hit. The fiction revolved around the adventures of a group of boys and girls who were part of a children’s soccer club. But, the story behind the screen was very different from the joy that was transmitted. 25 years after the premiere, the actors who were part publicly denounced that they were victims of acts of violence.

Yacuzzi was the first to break the silence, and his statements were reaffirmed by Martín Miani and Iván Rossi (“Tomás” and “El Tanguerito” in fiction). All three agreed that shouting and ill-treatment were commonplace.

The children’s cast was made up of boys and girls. Photo: archive

In a recent interview, Mariana Rubio joined the complaints. “There was psychological abuse and harassment. I saw boys crying, I heard screaming and abuse and a lot of situations, comparisons between different actors”, said the actress in dialogue with the journalist Juan Etchegoyen for Mitre Live. Beyond the seriousness of her statements, she clarified that she did not experience these situations on time, but her colleagues did.

Denounces Mariana Bianco Cebollitas

Asked about her reaction to these situations, she assured that both she and at that time I was 13 years oldLike their peers, they naturalized what was happening. “At that time I didn’t think that life wasn’t like that, it shouldn’t be like that and when it happened we said ‘uh they screwed up,'” he reflected.

Mariana Rubio played Roxana in Cebollitas.  (Photo: Capture)
Mariana Rubio played Roxana in Cebollitas. (Photo: Capture)

The actress also revealed that due to the mistreatment received, many of her classmates They decided to get away from the art world. “They thought they weren’t good for acting, because that’s what they were told”, expressed in terms of the words they received from the directors.

The actress is now also dedicated to music (Photo: Instagram @divina_turner)
The actress is now also dedicated to music (Photo: Instagram @divina_turner)

Like Yacuzzi, Rubio recalled during the long days of recording they were locked up in what they called “the fish tank”: a room where they had to wait for several hours to film the scenes.

Rubio, who is currently 38 years old, did not hesitate to attack Carmen Barbieri and Dalma Maradona, who were part of the series and when these complaints became known, they denied the mistreatment and defended the producers. Without a filter, he dedicated a harsh message to the capocómica who faced Yacuzzi live on his program months ago: “You cannot speak for everyone and say that it did not happen, you had a person who suffered it in front of you. You screwed up ugly.”

Yacuzzi crossed paths with Carmen Barbieri for alleged ill-treatment in Cebollitas (Photo: Video capture)
Yacuzzi crossed paths with Carmen Barbieri for alleged ill-treatment in Cebollitas (Photo: Video capture)

When talking about the daughter of Diego Maradona, she was also lapidary and assured that she was not a victim of ill-treatment precisely because of her relationship with the soccer idol: “He never answered the phone and we sent him a message and he gave us the thumbs up. It is a lack of respect for his former teammates.”

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