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New Amsterdam: its new season, the Covid on and off the screen and its most precious secret

For several decades, series set in the world of medicine have been synonymous with success or at least with great acceptance by the public. Starting from the eighties with St. Elsewhere, passing by E.R., Grey´s Anatomy The Doctor House, many were the successful titles framed in that genre.

Following that line, new amsterdam It is the fashionable hospital fiction these days. For this reason, and before his move to Star + (until today it could be seen on Netflix) and the premiere of its new season, we review the keys to its success.

Since being promoted to director of the New Amsterdam Hospital, the atípico doctor Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) He does not stop facing all kinds of cases. And while sometimes the diagnoses you face aren’t overly complex, the exhausting bureaucracy of the health system of the United States is a real challenge. But the human story of each patient inspires Goodwin and his team to fight whatever obstacles are necessary in their arduous task of healing. However, nothing could have prepared him for what was the biggest challenge of their professional lives.

At the beginning of 2020, the people who contracted Covid began to multiply in all corners of the world. Many countries imposed strict quarantines to contain a virus about which little was known, while health professionals fought tirelessly to save lives, in a bleak context. And it is at that point, where the third season begins from new amsterdam.

The doctors will have to face the covid pandemic, in the third season of New Amsterdam.

As happened with other fictions centered on hospitals, As was the case with The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam also takes note of the pandemic, to transfer to fiction that complex moment that health personnel went through. In this way, the initial episodes begin with the first wave of infections that shook New York. And on that subject, the showrunner David Schulner, pointed out: “The reality imposed by the pandemic cannot be ignored, especially in the case of a fiction starring health professionals who work in a New York hospital.”

On the other hand, Ryan Eggold also gave details on how the third season will begin: “We try to reflect the journey our caregivers went through, struggling for so many months, and particularly how intense it was at the beginning of it all, when very little was known about the virus, and the situation overwhelmed us all. So we decided to start the season riding on the peak of that experience, looking for the light on the horizon, trying to figure out where the world was headed, what that new normal would look like, how we could make ourselves strong, and how we could build something good out of it. from what happened”.

The last episode of the second season introduced a new character, the surgeon Cassian Shim (Daniel Dae Kim). the actor of Lost He was very excited about the possibility of joining new amsterdam, but his debut was unusual. In a very atypical resource for a television fiction, Dae Kim himself appeared before that episode, explaining how his arrival at the production was, during the first Covid infections. At the beginning of the episode, a video of Dae Kim can be seen, in which he says: “I contracted Covid when I was in New York filming. Luckily, I was lucky enough to experience a full recovery, but many others did not. So on behalf of the entire crew and cast, we want to dedicate this chapter to those who still fight against the disease”.

In that way, new amsterdam faced the same obstacle twice, because the pandemic not only affected the story within fiction, but also was present among the cast and the technical team, because the protagonist was also infected. In a note, Ryan Eggold recounted how his frame went through: “Fortunately, my experience with Covid was not life-threatening. It’s very difficult to talk about this, because a part of me wants to tell everyone not to worry too much, not to be scared, because what I had was very similar to a cold. But if I said that, it would help people to relax, when the truth is that there were too many deaths, and many people who suffered from the virus in an extremely serious way.

As it was mentioned already, the appearance of doctor Shim will cause a small earthquake in the hospital. Although with a relaxed style, and often even a carefree attitude, the surgeon cannot avoid some crosses with the oncologist Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman). Those funny initial frictions, give way to what could be a romance between two very different professionals, and just as effective. However, that bond can also turn into a love triangle, when someone else begins to have feelings for Sharpe. Thus, Shim will be a very strong presence over the course of the new season., and your performance (both professionally and personally) will leave an important mark on the hospital.

On the opposite sidewalk, the premiere episodes will feature a brief participation of Anupam Kher, the Indian interpreter who composes the endearing doctor Kapoor. When the production was about to start filming the third season, Kher’s wife was diagnosed with a type of cancer called multiple myeloma. Faced with that, the actor decided to leave new amsterdam, to focus on accompanying your partner during their treatment. In a post on Instagram, the interpreter wrote: “Being part of this series It was a very special trip for me, and I will never forget it. The family of new amsterdam It will always have a very important place in my heart. And I am so grateful to the public for their love, support and well wishes, especially to my wife Kirron.” Due to that absence, the production decided to recover some discarded scenes from the previous seasons, in order to allow Dr. Kapoor to have some brief appearances in the third year of the show.

New Amsterdam is based on the memoirs of a doctor who decided to fight against the bureaucracy of the American health system.
New Amsterdam is based on the memoirs of a doctor who decided to fight against the bureaucracy of the American health system.

When screenwriter David Schulner began working on bringing the book to television Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue hospital, he found the germ of a true story, which pointed its cannons at the US health care system. The memoirs of Dr. Eric Manheimer (who works as inspiration for the main character), and his work as director of a hospital in which profits were not prioritized over human lives, gave rise to this series that, year after year, Add new fans.

And Schulner, as showrunner for new amsterdam, seeks a balance between the human drama, research related to health, criticism of bureaucracy, and perversion that nests in the private health business of that country.

Freema Agyeman is the chief of oncology.
Freema Agyeman is the chief of oncology.

In an interview, the screenwriter confessed: “A few years ago, in the framework of the presidential campaigns, the whole country was talking about the importance of health plans. And that was a passionate, intelligent and very emotional discussion. So I thought, why would I want to write about anything else, when this is what has the entire nation on edge? At that time, come across the book Twelve Patients was revealing, and allowed him to discover someone who, as he himself described, “I was in the thick of the action, trying to fix the system”. For this reason, in the new episodes, Dr. Goodwin will continue on his search for humanize medicine, and be faithful to that leitmotiv that he raised from the first episode, in which he does not stop asking or wondering, “How I can help?”.

The three seasons of New Amsterdam will be available from Wednesday 19 on Star +

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