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Matilda, the daughter of Luciana Salazar, surprised with an extravagant and luxurious accessory in her look

Luciana Salazar is known, among many things, for the daring looks she wears wherever she goes. One of the most recent examples was the daring green dress she wore to the magazine party. People and that sparked a controversy in the networks. Her passion for fashion and for taking risks when choosing her outfits were inherited by Matilda, her daughter, who never ceases to amaze her followers with her elaborate outfits. This time, it wasn’t just the girl’s clothes that caused a stir, but an expensive accessory.

Luciana Salazar and Matilda, her daughter, for a walk in the artificial lake of NordeltaInstagram

Luciana and Matilda are very close and, to realize it, it is only necessary to enter the model’s Instagram profile. There, she demonstrates some of the activities they both enjoy, such as riding a merry-go-round, playing in the dollhouse, or taking walks in the park. However, if there is one thing they share, it is a taste for expensive clothes. And that is more than clear in the personal account of the girl who, at just 4 years old, already has more than 300 thousand followers.

Who manages the profile is Luli Salazar, according to what is read in the description of the social network. There he records some of the fragments of his life in order, perhaps, to be able to save the most valuable moments in this beautiful stage of growth. In your last post, Matilda can be seen wearing a huge smile as she poses in her elegant ensemble. It is made up of a tan broderie jumpsuit decorated with buttons and matching sandals, all crowned with a comfortable and practical bun.

Luciana Salazar's daughter surprised her followers by showing herself with a Louis Vuitton bag
Luciana Salazar’s daughter surprised her followers by showing herself with a Louis Vuitton baginst

To finish off the look, Matilda chose to wear a pair of sunglasses style cat eye with a thick yellow frame and a small wallet Louis Vuitton. But this is not just any bag from the emblematic design house, rather it is a Nano Speedy, the miniature version of the Speedy, one of its most classic and recognized models.

The look of Matilda, the daughter of Luciana Salazar
The look of Matilda, the daughter of Luciana Salazarinstagram

The mini accessory is made from Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas, fabric created by the same brand in 1896 to prevent counterfeiters from stealing the creations. Composed of durable vinyl-coated canvas, it is embossed with the famous flower pattern accompanied by the unmistakable initials “LV”. The small bag is designed to be able to carry essential objects and It has a value of 140 thousand pesos.

“Hottest day in years! I put a wave on it ”, reads the description of the post, where you can see how Matilda proudly wears her outfit in a series of postcards. The publication exceeded 12 thousand “likes” and the comments section was filled with tender messages.

At just four years old, Matilda Salazar is already a fashionista
At just four years old, Matilda Salazar is already a fashionistainstagram

Although on this occasion Salazar’s daughter was applauded by Internet users, on other occasions she became the center of several controversies. The most recent was unleashed when a woman complained to the former participant of The academy (eltrece) to stop dyeing Matilda because it was going to ruin her hair. From that moment on, many people began to ask her not to force her to be platinum blonde.

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