May 23, 2022 5:49 am

Matías Alé seeks a change of life and plans to move to the Interior: “If God wants, I will do it”

Matias Ale, actor and driver, said this Tuesday that he has as a “project” to move to Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, but that he will not do it at this time because it would be “selfish” on his part due to the great family moment that he says he is going through.

“I am in such a beautiful moment with my old lady, her partner, my brother… it would be very selfish to come here and miss those moments. Today my family has much more priority than a project to move, but God willing I will do it. It’s in a folder”, confirmed Alé in dialogue with ‘intruders’ (America).

Later, he said that his intention to live in “La Villa” is not new: “About ten years ago I wanted to set up an ice cream parlor here in Carlos Paz and come here. What happens is that last year I opened an ice cream parlor in Buenos Aires and it was like the gold…, so I said: ‘obviously, ice cream is not my thing’”.

He also explained that in a recent conversation with the businessman Omar Suarez and theatrical producer Michael Brown, they offered him job proposals to develop in the city of Cordoba: “With some friends I said: ‘what if we put a ‘coffee’? Jump Omar And he told me: ‘no, let’s do radio and tv‘. Jump Miguel and said: ‘you stay and run my theatre’. Right away, it’s like a lot of things came together and I said: why not do it? I am happy in Carlos Paz, I have a great time. I know it’s going to be a place I’m going to come and spend a lot of time.”

Matías Alé could move to Villa Carlos Paz

However, Alé explained that he then reflected after the initial outburst and came to the conclusion that it is not yet time to move: “Thank God, I still have a lot of work in Buenos Aires. I return on Tuesday with ‘Polómica…’, I continue doing radio with Adriana Salgueiro. This first semester I will not stay”, he specified.

the journalist Paula Varela He consulted Alé if he was “peeping” at women from other casts. With a grimace on his face, Matías neither denied nor confirmed the chronicler’s statements. “You saw that summer generates that restlessness in you… but I’m fine like this. One is like it’s rabble. But I’m fine like this, I have a lot of work ”, he evaded.

Incisive, Varela questioned the actor if he had contacted someone close to sofia macaggi, to which he replied: “I have a good vibe with Sofi. We’ve known each other for a lot of years, we shared a ‘Bailando’, I asked if he was and everything was fine, but we’re fine like this”, I conclude.

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