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Locked up, without a bathroom and humiliated: they revealed the poor conditions that the models endured in the parades

From the derogatory nickname “Muqui” to Pampita to the jostling on the catwalk, there are many rumors that indicate mistreatment in the world of modeling in Argentina, especially between the decade of the ’90s and 2000. It was always said that the competition between the models was fierce and that they all wanted to be the ones who closed the parades organized by the star hairdresser of that time, Roberto Giordano. Soledad Solaro recalled how she went through that time and was surprised to reveal the deplorable working conditions. For your part Matilda Blanco, who was in charge of this type of event, endorsed these sayings.

Hernan Drago He was the one who recalled an episode he witnessed at a Giordano parade in Punta del Este. “In the year 1992 or 1993 I witnessed a fight over a dress, I’m not going to say names but between today two top models, which were in full swing,” he said in dialogue with in the afternoon (America). In addition to hearing screams and seeing elbows between the models, he also said that they were all checked when they left to check that they were not wearing clothes.

To support this version, Soledad Solaro affirmed in the cycle led by Karina Mazzocco that in the Giordano parades there was a review of the belongings of all the models. “The thing about the bags is true, they controlled us all. It had to do with a security issue so that no one takes anything,” he explained.

Soleda Solaro and Matilda talked about the parades

Along the same lines as the former model, she expressed herself Matilda White. The renowned image consultant indicated that in addition to being a method to prevent theft, this was also common in the face of the attitude of some young women who sought to overshadow a partner: “The dresses of the first and last pass were missing because everyone wanted to be opening or closing the parade. They were the most important passes.”

Soledad Solaro told about her experience as a model (Photo: capture Every afternoon)

In addition, the panelist explained that in the organization of the events there was also a clear distinction between the groups of models: there was a division between those that were most famous and required by designers and those that were not. For this second group, working conditions were deplorable.

Matilda Blanco told intimacies of the parades

“There are some who had a VIP dressing room because their careers deserved it. but others they were cattle, which they locked up for many hours. They arrived at 10 in the morning and left at night. They didn’t have a bathroom,” Blanco explained. When asked by the driver about what would happen if they wanted to relieve themselves, the journalist Gustavo Descalzi revealed: “They used a cut bottle”. To the surprise of the entire program team, the fashion consultant confirmed that this method was the most used in these cases.

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