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Latest society news for today Wednesday, January 19



Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you will be able to know all the news and latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Wednesday, January 19 in the world and in Spain:

Ómicron hits the brakes: the incidence drops for the first time since November 2

Although it is still in high figures, the accumulated incidence of coronavirus has decreased this Tuesday for the first time since last November 2. However, this is located, according to data from the Ministry of Health, in the 3,306 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days.

WHO asks to combine different vaccines to improve the response against Covid

The director of the department of vaccines and biological products of the World Health Organization (WHO), Kate O’Brien, has advocated the combination of Covid-19 vaccines, from different manufacturers, for second doses or booster doses, because they could improve the immune system.

The first blind and hands-free person in the world to achieve autonomy with a guide dog

“I was a mechanic and now I’m retired.” Who sums up his “accident” like this is Alberto Villalba, a young man from Teruel His face is pierced by shrapnel, he is blind and suffered the amputation of both his hands, along with part of his upper limbs. On his stumps, he attaches two prostheses. Today he has left one at home and around his right forearm he wraps a leash between pseudo-impossible movements that links him to his guide dog. On the left, “out of obligation” and to direct the dog, it does have the second. It weighs too much, one kilo and two hundred grams, it has no ductility, it is old and it emits a sound that Alberto cannot identify. Suddenly, the artificial hand beeps. He doesn’t expect it and it’s uncomfortable. “They told me to get used to it and, well, I’ve come to accept it,” he says ruefully, despite having lost part of his hearing when an abandoned Civil War grenade exploded in his hands. And that sudden reflection becomes (almost) Alberto’s only complaint during hours of conversation and walking through the streets of his city.

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