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Latest news for today Wednesday, January 19



The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to all users. All the last hours of Wednesday, January 19 with a complete summary that you cannot miss:

‘The Spanish Pablo Escobar of the heroine’, released

Francisco HG, alias ‘Limonero’, has been free since last night. The Provincial Court of Toledo ordered that he be released from prison where the main importer of heroin from Spain, according to the National Police, had been imprisoned since mid-December. It has been confirmed to ABC by one of the lawyers of those investigated and legal sources of all solvency. They were also released last night Amateur A. J., considered the lieutenant of ‘Limonero’, and Rafael A. M., the alleged ‘mail’ of the organization led by Francisco H.


Slaves in the Asian back room: from sleeping in cold rooms to injecting Botox in the basement

the story is creepy: entering one of the many greengrocers run by people of Asian origin and, when opening the cold rooms, finding (instead of apples and bananas) a person sleeping on A carton. And, next to him, another man lying while snoring and waiting for the establishment to open. It is one of the many ‘hells’ that exist behind the back rooms or in the basements of some shops. A modality of the so-called ‘hot beds’ that goes beyond certain Chinese businessmen and has already reached Bengalis and Pakistanis, which are slowly gaining ground in neighborhood retail.

The Provincial Court does not see a crime in which Monedero related Vox to the Nazis

The Sixth Section of the Provincial Court of Madrid does not see a crime in which the co-founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero related the members of Vox to the crimes of Nazism or to the murderers of Medellin and therefore, has confirmed the file of the complaint that the formation of Santiago Abascal presented against him incardinating its manifestations more “unfortunate” comments than hate crimes or slander.

Ómicron hits the brakes: the incidence drops for the first time since November 2

Although it is still in high figures, the accumulated incidence of coronavirus has decreased this Tuesday for the first time since last November 2. However, this is located, according to data from the Ministry of Health, in the 3,306 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days.

The Venezuelan electoral body surprises by launching the process to revoke Maduro

The National Electoral Council (CNE) has surprised with an announcement in which it says it has approved three requests to start the process that could revoke Nicholas Maduro power. Through some messages on the agency’s Twitter account, the highest electoral body explained that in order for this process to be carried out, it will be required that the 20% of the electoral roll expresses its will, as established in article 72 of the Venezuelan Constitution.

Moncloa vetoes ABC and other critical media in a ‘briefing’ on the distribution of European funds

The Government persists in its strategy of opacity and lack of transparency regarding the media with an editorial line critical of Pedro Sánchez’s management. This Tuesday, January 18, ABC has been excluded from an informative briefing given by several senior government officials on the management of European funds. Media such as Cadena Cope, Onda Cero, El Mundo, La Razón, The Objective, Libertad Digital, the Servimedia Agency or the Colpisa Agency were also not invited to the meeting.

WHO asks to combine different vaccines to improve the response against Covid

The director of the department of vaccines and biological products of the World Health Organization (WHO), Kate O’Brien, has advocated the combination of Covid-19 vaccines, from different manufacturers, for second doses or booster doses, because they could improve the immune system.

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