May 16, 2022 9:23 am

He stabbed a churrero because he did not want to give him a fire to smoke

One 33 year old churro was stabbed in Sea of ​​Ajo after will refuse to give him a fire to smoke to a man who was on the beach. The incident occurred around 2 am this Saturday, about 150 meters from the municipal campsite.

The young man stabbed, Nahuel SlipakHe was found moments later by police. Slipak went to work as a seller of churros in the seaside resort during the season. He was alone in a vacant part and without nearby houses, according to the Télam agency.

According to the testimony that the victim herself was able to give at the local hospital, a man approached her and asked for “light”, but since she refused to give him, he asked her to hand over her belongings, including a guitar and her cell phone. The aggressor attacked him with a knife in different parts of the body and fled without stealing anything, after which Slipak crawled to the campsite to ask for help from two policemen who were stationed there.

According to the spokesmen, the churrero was rushed to the Mar de Ajó hospital, where he was intubated for two days and in the last hours he presented an improvement in his condition despite the fact that he tested positive for coronavirus. Meanwhile, staff of Scientific Police carried out a raking at the scene of the attack and in the vicinity kidnapped a knife that will be examined to determine if that was the weapon used.

In addition, the investigations were looking for witnesses who had seen the attack in order to identify the attacker. The fact is investigated by the prosecutor Martín Prieto, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 2 decentralized in La Costa, Dolores Judicial Department.

With information from the Télam agency

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