May 15, 2022 1:38 am

“Fragile masculinity”: Santi Maratea gave a chair after the words of Flavio Azzaro

The influencer Santi Maratea is a trend in social networks because he gave a lecture on “fragile masculinity”. It all came about because the television host Flavio Azzaro made fun of the LGBTIQ+ acronym and relativized the homophobic attack on the Maricafé bar, located in the Palermo neighborhood.

In his Instagram stories, Maratea took up the subject and challenged Azzaro. “The news is violent act against the premises [Maricafé] and Azzaro’s question is: ‘Why does there have to be an inclusive coffee? If I’m straight I can’t get in?’ Do you understand what the word inclusive means? Obviously you can enter, it happens that you believe that the inclusive is what is against the heterosexual, there is a discrimination issue, but it is your way of thinking, “the influencer began.

And he continued with the context of the attack on Maricafé. “There is an attack on a gay place and the guy finds a way to clarify that he likes women, that he doesn’t know anything about the gay world and that he likes his partner. Calm down, king, it seems that you are getting nervous.”

This is how they set fire to the Maricafé front

Then Maratea introduced the concept of fragile masculinity: “After all we are talking about fragile masculinity, right? And this is what happens, it is a clear example. If a man is questioned, and is not even questioned, but if he feels that his sexuality is being questioned, he has to start diverting a topic that is important to talk about his sexuality, he has to start teasing his partner, because she has boobs and he likes boobs. Everything responds to fragile masculinity.”

The Conicet sociologist researcher on issues of sexual diversity Martin Boy It talks about the concept of masculinities. “For a long time masculinity was thought of as a universal and homogeneous whole. Recently, another type of masculinity began to become visible and, for this reason, “masculinities” began to be used in the plural. This plurality implies accounting for the hierarchies within the masculine and how certain subgroups also suffer from the norms of patriarchy and heteronormativity,” he said. “Identifying these other masculinities implies accounting for the power relations between the different groups that make up masculinity. On a day-to-day basis, not all of us are worth the same.”

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