May 19, 2022 2:43 am

Fixed and mobile telephony: Movistar will increase its prices up to 16% in February

The company Movistar informed its clients that, as of next February, will update the prices of fixed and mobile services up to 16%, because it becomes “It is necessary to adjust the values ​​in a context of exchange rate depreciation and a strong increase in the demand for connectivity”.

“As we are aware that many customers are going through a complex economic context, Movistar applies the price update carefully so that the impact on pockets is less”, company sources said, adding that adequacy allows connectivity to be maintained with which Argentines work, educate themselves and entertain themselves.

Finally, they highlighted that every customer who has a bonus will maintain the same percentage and duration.

Telefónica Argentina (Movistar is the name of the brand) is one of the companies that is exempt from complying with DNU 690/2020 -which declared telecommunications a public service and determined that prices would be set by the national government- because last December Chamber I of the Federal Contentious-Administrative Chamber gave rise to the precautionary measure requested by the company.

With two votes in favor of Judge Liliana María Heiland and Judge Rodolfo Eduardo Facio and one in dissent from Judge Clara María do Pico, the company was exempted from complying with articles 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. ° of DNU 690 and resolutions 1466/2020, 203/2021 and 204/2021 issued by the National Communications Entity (Enacom) for a period of six months or the issuance of the final judgment, whichever occurs first.

Last year, Enacom only validated increases up to July of between 15 and 20%, while general inflation for the period was 50.9%.

Meanwhile, at the end of December, it authorized a 9.8% increase as of this month for small or medium providers without mentioning the large cell phone and cable companies.

In this sense, the deputy chief of staff called a meeting for the directors of these companies. Representatives from Telecom, Movistar, Claro and Arsat, the chairman of the Enacom board and three directors attended.

Jorge Neme stated that the Government’s intention was to seek “points of agreement.” That they aspired to an “essential service for the development of society as a whole and a fundamental input for the construction of a competitive production system” and that “it was not logical or reasonable” for the issue to be prosecuted.

“We never cut off the dialogue with the companies, but we are not thinking of deregulating the 690,” Enacom sources said. With which, the issue could end up in the Supreme Court.

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