May 17, 2022 6:56 pm

Fernando Báez Sosa’s mother suffered from fainting

VILLA GESELL (Special correspondent).- The mother of Fernando Báez Sosa, the young man brutally murdered by a gang, at the door of Le Brique, the Villa Gesell nightclub, today offered a heartbreaking tribute together with her husband, Silvino, and, after remembering his son, he fainted. the family lawyer, Fernando Burlando, confirmed that the woman suffered fainting and that she is already out of danger.

“It was a very strong rise and fall in pressure, the reason for being stopped for so long and the emotions that she suffered yesterday and today,” Burlando specified. The lawyer also said that Graciela was treated by a cardiologist and a psychiatrist, along with the director of the center where she was assisted.

The episode took place after the emotional tribute in which they remembered their son. For him main act, at 7:00 p.m., family and friends summoned referents of different religious beliefs Y They prayed for the boy’s memory.

The most heartbreaking story was that of the mother. “It is as if it were yesterday, when we received the worst news of our lives, when they called us to tell us that Fernando had suffered an accident”, the mother told about that fateful night.

And he added: “We packed our bags and soon the phone rang and we found out that Fernando was dead, that it was not an accident and that he had been killed in a fight. We couldn’t believe it because Fernando never had enemies, nor did he fight with anyone. He was affectionate, supportive and helping people. That was my Fernando”.

One of the most emotional and painful moments was when Graciela revealed that she and her husband did not know the sea. “Fernando liked to come, he said that the sea gave him peace of mind. today we went [a la playa]”, he specified.

When he finished speaking, he broke down. Graciela started to scream looking at the sky: “Why did this happen to me? Why?”; “I want to hug you and tell me that you love me as I told you,” he said, unable to stop crying. After those words, he fainted.

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