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“Double ceiling in the room”: how was the ocular inspection carried out by official deputies in the Bapro

As part of the controversy over the alleged armed cases against trade unionists During the government of María Eugenia Vidal, pro-government deputies carried out a “Ocular inspection” at the Buenos Aires headquarters Banco Provincia, where a meeting denounced by the Federal Intelligence Agency.

From the visit to the bank headquarters, located at the intersection of San Martín and Bartolomé Miter streets, in the city of Buenos Aires, the Kirchnerist legislators concluded that the “architectural conditions” from la sala in which the meeting of former ministers, AFI agents, and businessmen was held in 2017 did not change and “stays the same”, as confirmed by parliamentary sources to THE NATION.

The visit served to get to know the environment in which the meeting took place, whose film record was questioned by the former governor and also by meet with Banco Provincia staff and access elements that allow the subcommittee to advance in the treatment of the case. From Kirchnerism, they indicated that they took “contributions” to advance.

The AFI will denounce Julio Garro and former members of the provincial cabinet of María Eugenia Vidal

In the “inspection” it emerged that la sala of the bank was reserved for three days for the realization of the meeting which fed the suspicions of the meeting. In the framework of the legislative investigation, they summoned the Head of Physical Security of Banco Provincia, career employee, for this wednesday at 12 in Congress in order to try to find out details of the 2017 event.

The chairman of the subcommittee, Leopoldo Moreau, and the legislators Rodolfo Tailhade Y Eduardo Valdes (Front of All) together with Miguel Baze (Together for Change) finalized the visit on the day in which they planned to receive the Buenos Aires attorney, Julius Conte Grand, pointed out in the case for supposed impartiality. That hearing was eventually rescheduled for January 27.

One of the outstanding aspects of the tour carried out by the legislators is the discovery of a “double ceiling in the living room”, which would be the reason why those present at the meeting did not notice that the meeting was filmed. As they could see, this double top has free spaces in which the cameras could have been placed.


For Kirchnerism, the meeting in which Vidal’s former Minister of Labor, Marcelo Villegas, expressed his desire for there to be a “Gestapo” against the unions, was recorded with at least three cameras. However, legislators left Banco Provincia under the impression that the roof space had the capacity to accommodate six or seven cameras.

In the ruling party they are convinced that the cameras that recorded the meeting on June 15, 2017 were not security cameras. “There is no footage pointing the doors”, they confided to THE NATION from the Front of All, by way of explanation.

The room in which the meeting took place is a kind of “quincho”, with cement walls, but with a sliding glass opening on the terrace of the Bapro building in downtown. To gain access to it, as they consigned to THE NATION, it must be done through a narrow door.

The deputy María Eugenia Vidal and the comptroller of the AFI, Cristina Caamaño
The deputy María Eugenia Vidal and the comptroller of the AFI, Cristina CaamañoArchive

In the ruling party, however, they point out that the AFI agents present, the chief of staff, Dario Biorci; the Director of Legal Affairs, Juan Sebastian De Stefano; and the head of Counterintelligence, Diego Dalmau Pereira entered and exited through swing doors that they give towards a kitchen, unnoticed from the meeting place. There are different conjectures about whether that place could have had a specific purpose during the encounter.

During the day they met with Bank staff, whom they consulted about the meeting at that time. Among other elements, the members of the bicameral had access to copies of emails requesting the room reservation for June 14, 15 and 16, 2017.

The General Management of Banco Provincia made the reservation at the request of the president of the bank. In that message, it was stated that the original request came from the Buenos Aires government, although a specific area or official was not determined. That is a question that the ruling party is interested in revealing in the continuity of the investigation.

The Front of All had already questioned from Congress the role of Intelligence during the macrismo.
The Front of All had already questioned from Congress the role of Intelligence during the macrismo.

Given that the meeting was held on January 15, in the Frente de Todos there are suspicions around the reasons why it was requested to reserve the same room one day before and one day after. The main The hypothesis they handle is that on January 14 it was used for the placement of cameras and that on the 16th, hours after the meeting, they were removed..

The reservation for three days and the architectural conditions of the room raise questions in a case in which Kirchnerism aspires to delve into the details from Congress while a judicial case progresses in the Federal Justice of La Plata that has already carried out various raids on entities and people involved.

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