May 24, 2022 12:55 am

Covid self-test: the Government transmitted “concern” about prices to the laboratories

The Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, told tonight that government authorities participated in a meeting with the producing laboratories, with the pharmacies and with the actors involved in the production of the Covid-19 self-tests, to see how they can regulate the price of this tool and favor the diagnostic access.

After this tool was launched, the price for sale ranges from $2,000 to $3,000. “The importance of favoring access to diagnosis was conveyed, not only through the pharmacy for private purchase, but also through the private sector for control and prevention in the industry and also for the purchase of the provinces and the nation. to be able to have a distribution strategy in case it was necessary,” he said.

Since the protocol for the use of Covid-19 self-tests was approved this Tuesday, the Government established that both pharmacies, which will be granted special permits, and public or private organizations that acquire or use self-tests must report the results to the National Health Surveillance System.

In dialogue with C5N, the Health portfolio official referred to the discussion she had with a young Patagonian coach about coronavirus vaccines. “But you are a physical trainer and we studied the vaccination strategy for 20 years”, he told the man, who was against immunization.

About this, he said: “The truth is that this was a 15-minute conversation, he told me that he was a physical trainer and then I explained it to him. I try to be respectful and you have to understand that they are people who are concerned because they understand that their authorities or their government are doing things that put them in danger. Our responsibility is to explain to him.”

Minister Carla Vizzotti had a discussion about vaccines with a young man

Later, Vizzotti argued that the anti-vaccine movement in the country is small, but “of significant intensity.” And he argued: “They are few in quantity, but in quality the damage they can do is important in relation to the absolute impossibility of changing their idea with the risk that some people doubt.”

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