May 17, 2022 10:19 am

Covid-19: Nicolás Kreplak targeted pediatricians who question the vaccine in children and accused them of “malpractice”

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicholas Kreplak, diagnosis “A problem” in children under 11 years of age by saying that they are the ones who are “least immunized” against Covid-19 and blamed it, in part, on the Argentine Society of Pediatrics (SAP) for having raised doubts at the time about the approval of the vaccine Sinopharm for this age group. What’s more, pointed against pediatricians who advise against the application of doses in the smallest and accused them of “malpractice”.

“There are still negative consequences of an error made by the Argentine Society of Pediatrics, who questioned the vaccine. Then he backed off. But there are still many pediatricians who, in a very mistaken, erroneous way and, I believe, doing malpractice, do not indicate the vaccine to children”, Kreplak argued in Radio 10 and he also made a recommendation to the doctors: “I think it is a danger that they have to correct.”

The minister’s statements come when not only in the Province, but also throughout the country, local governments begin to design the strategy for the return of students to the classroom. “We are working with the Ministry of Education to offer vaccination in schools for the next month, so that the boys can arrive vaccinated”, anticipated the official.

Yesterday, the head of Education in the city of Buenos Aires, Soledad Acuña, also referred to minors who are not inoculated and, although she assured that in Buenos Aires the Sanitary Pass will not be required to enter schools because “It would mean prohibiting access to education to children whose parents do not take them to vaccinate”, she was concerned about accelerating the rate of inoculation among the students.

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