May 17, 2022 4:25 pm

Canned bell peppers recipe


  1. Wash the bell peppers well, cut them in half, remove the seeds and then cut them lengthwise again, forming strips about 2 or 3 centimeters wide. Bring the pot to high heat until boiling point.
  2. In a pot filled with water, put the cut bell peppers together with the sugar, salt, the cut garlic cloves and the oil.
  3. Reduce the heat and continue cooking for about 5 minutes until the bell peppers are tender.
  4. Remove the pot from the burner and add the bay leaves and peppercorns to the water. Reserve.
  5. Prepare the jars to make the roasted bell pepper preserves: if they are new, wash them well with their lids; if they are reused, they must be clean and sterilized with a solution of water and bleach, well rinsed and dried before use.
  6. While still hot, fill the jars with the bell pepper strips and the cooking water. Cover tightly and turn the jars upside down during the time it takes for them to cool.
  7. Add more spirit vinegar if the jars will be kept in a cupboard. Once opened they will always be kept in the fridge.

Red bell peppers are the most popular when it comes to canning. But nevertheless they can also be made with green or yellow bell peppers. These canned bell peppers They can last up to six months in the fridge. It is a preparation that can be served as an appetizer, added to sauces, sandwiches, and even filled with pies and empanadas. They are delicious. In addition, the canned oil, like any marinade, is a flavored condiment ready to be used in salads or reused in a new canned bell peppers

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