May 22, 2022 3:35 am

Bugatti’s first aerodynamically designed electric scooter

Bugatti is synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and quality, but to date its market niche has focused mainly on high-end cars. Yes, throughout its history it has made inroads into other fields with limited collaborations, such as the carbon fiber champagne bottle it created with Champagne Carbon or the speakers you sign next to Tidal, but had not opted for another type of urban vehicle. In the framework of CES 2022, held in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, the company has presented what will be his first electric scooter and the result could not be more attractive. With this project Bugatti thus joins other firms such as Porsche, Audi

y BMW They also have their own models. Although this is not the first electric vehicle that it presents since, a few months ago, it launched the famous Bugatti Baby II, a minicar that pays tribute to the Bugatti Type 35.

The Molsheim firm has partnered with Bytech International, a technological accessories company, to give life to this sustainable vehicle of pure luxury, perfect for moving around the city without having to waste time in traffic jams. In addition, it includes a rear light that projects the logo with the initials EB of Ettore Bugatti and will be available in three colors: its characteristic French blue, silver gray and black.

This carbon fiber design will be available in three colors – © Bugatti

This scooter, which according to the company offers a unique aerodynamic design, comes with a folding magnesium alloy structure -which leave your weight at 15 kg– and 9-inch wheels for a combination of deft handling and a good ride height.

As far as technical characteristics are concerned, it comes equipped with a 700 W motor and a 36V 10 Ah battery, easily removable, which allows you to climb slopes with an incline of up to 15 degrees. It offers three driving modes: Economy, City and Sport with speeds of 14, 20 and 30 km/h, respectively. The autonomy will vary, depending on the chosen mode, between 32 and 45 kilometers. To charge it can be done through a standard power outlet and it takes four hours to complete the charge.

The scooter reflects the Bugatti logo on its back
The scooter reflects the Bugatti logo on its back – © Bugatti

It also has electronic ABS on the rear wheel, cruise control function, turn indicators, brake light in the form of an LED strip and a digital dashboard that shows the speed, the battery life, the status of the headlights and the selected driving mode.

for now the date of departure is not known, nor the price, but in the case of Bugatti it is clear that it will not be cheap.

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