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Boom of luxury apartments on the Coast. The area that surprises and attracts a top complex in Punta del Este

The real estate market is experiencing a boom on the Atlantic Coast. After the pandemic, the developers took up projects that were pending and turned to some new ones adapted to the new reality left by the coronavirus. The big winners are the luxury complexes with amenities. And, if they are facing the sea, they fulfill another plus to attract more customers.

In addition to the traditional areas in this type of projects, such as the center of Cariló or Mar de las Pampas, new players are emerging that aim to capture an audience that seeks to combine the tranquility of the forest with the services of the city.

In this sense, Mar Azul appears as one of the surprise destinations that attracts investors. Noted for its wide beaches and hectares of forests, if its neighbor Mar de las Pampas emerged a few years ago as a new Cariló, this resort is beginning to position itself as an alternative similar to Pinamar or Valeria del Mar.

In fact something unexpected happened: will land the Solanas brand, famous for its project in La Mansa in Punta del Este, among other projects. Solanas Mar Azul is a US$25 million investment hotel complex on the beach that has 116 apartments spread over three buildings on a plot of land one block from the sea and the main avenue.

It will begin to be built in May and the values ​​start from the US$2,000 per m2, with units from 60 m2 to 160 m2. The commercial pre-launch began in early January and they have already sold 20% of the units. Delivery would be in 2022.

The pool, one of the projected amnitiies in Solanas Mar Azul

Grupo Solanas together with the developer Portland and other investors bought land on the coast of Mar Azul. One of the blocks is more than 100 meters above the beach. “The idea with this project is to be able to work through Solanas with the administration to generate income for the owners, as we do in Punta del Este, both in high and low season.”, Daniel Mochón, owner of Solanas told THE NATION.

The businessman indicated that the choice of Mar Azul to carry out the ambitious project was linked to the enormous land available, added to “the extension of the beach and the white sands.” “We see a great potential on the Argentine Coast, It comes with excellent seasons and we believe that they will continue. In addition, with the route that is now all double track, the distances have been shortened and the influx will increase, especially on weekends. There is a lot of expectation,” he concluded.

The complex will have all kinds of amenities, as well as direct access to the beach and the sea. A second stage will be built in the block that leads to the main street, which will also have an open commercial promenade.

Another of the luxury complexes with ocean views that stand out on the coast is Northbeach, a US$300 million investment project that, due to its size, will become a destination in itself. Located next to Costa Esmeralda, the development is between Route 11 and the sea. It is a closed neighborhood of apartments facing the sea and residential lots to the forest developed by the Cioffi Group from Mendoza. “It is a sea town that will have 30 buildings, three hotels, a shopping center, a golf club, a chapel, two sports clubs and more than 800 lots”, said Adolfo Cioffi, president of the group that develops it.

There the units are one, two and three bedrooms, whose footage varies between 104 and 153 square meters. Martín Boquete, director of Toribio Achával, which markets the project, highlighted its revaluation: “Investors who bought four years ago paid US$200,000 for units that today sell for US$450,000″.

Northbeach has more than 1200 meters of beach
Northbeach has more than 1200 meters of beach

Regarding current prices, Boquete explains that in the building that is under construction, the units are two bedrooms -110 m² and a 60 m² terrace with a covered garage- they are offered from US$334,400.

Those who have already acquired an apartment facing the sea and seek to make it profitable, rents for units in the area defend high values: for a fortnight in high season, tourists pay US$2,500 -for two rooms-, between US$3,500 and US$3,800 for three rooms and US$4,400 for the largest rooms, with four rooms.

The Cariló Golf Club will be the first five-star in the city
The Cariló Golf Club will be the first five-star in the cityKindness Cariló Golf Club

Meanwhile, Cariló will launch the first five-star hotel in the town. It is a complex that will have 12 villas with cabins, gyms, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, confectionery and restaurant. The development will occupy 5500 square meters and whoever stays there will not have contact with a house in at least 70 meters in all directions.

The project was approved by the Municipality of Pinamar and it is estimated that its construction will start at the end of 2022 and will last two years. The Cariló Golf Club Hotel was designed for golfers and tourists in general.

In Pinamar Norte and under the endorsement of the Municipality, different premium projects that begin to mark a new face for an area that until now was only houses and forest and attract new investors.

BTwins Pinamar Norte
BTwins Pinamar Norte

Among the different projects appears BTwins Norte; it will demand US$ 22 million and will be built by KWZ architecture and developments. The land where the development will be built is located on Avenida del Libertador at the corner of Boulevard Humboldt.

The studio’s project – which already includes the BTwins Pinamar buildings in the center of the city – has sea ​​view and is located meters from the beach: It will have a sector of high-rise apartments – ranging from 72 to 164 meters, with 13 different typologies – and another with eight private houses.

Regarding values, the departments of 2 to 4 rooms range from US$2,350 to US$3,000 per m². Meanwhile, the houses) will have an approximate value of US$550,000. In addition, it will have garages, commercial premises and amenities. The estimated delivery date is for the 2024 season. Currently, 68% of the project has been sold.

Under this concept, Nativa will also begin to rise, the first project in height above the forest, which will be added to other premium complexes, which will be the new strong bet in the area. As for the price ofThe units, in the pre-sale stage until January 8, start from US$1,700 per m² up to US$2,200 and the forms of payment are 50% in advance plus 30% in 24 installments and 20% against delivery.

Nativa Complex, the first enterprise in height above the forest in the Pinamar Norte area
Nativa Complex, the first enterprise in height above the forest in the Pinamar Norte area

There is also development in the area. The Kalem, located on Boulevard Carlos Roberto Darwin in a wooded area 250 meters from the sea: MMC group thought the project under the concept of vertical houses but with the practicality of an apartment. In this case, it has units of 2, 3 and 4 rooms, from 68 to 281 m². From the real estate agent Cecilia Pocquet Properties reported to THE NATION that units can be had from US$125,000 with financing options with delivery by March 2023.

If complexes with amenities are the near future of the coast, gated communities are already a reality installed on the Costa Atlántida.

Costa Smeralda rises among the favorites of tourists This summer was at the top of the reservations. “There is a vacation concept where people look for security. In case of Emerald coast For example, it has two strengths: there is a community of people related to each other who began to build and generated a network where they gradually attracted others. Today there are hundreds of families who share neighborhoods or schools and build there or pay exorbitant rents. The second strength is security”, indicates Rodrigo Ayerza, director of the real estate company Pix a THE NATION.

Rental values ​​in Costa Smeralda broke their record this season
Rental values ​​in Costa Smeralda broke their record this seasonTomas Cuesta – THE NATION

The Rental values ​​on the Argentine coast, in general, had increases of between 35% and 50% in pesos compared to last summer, following the evolution of inflation. “What keeps attracting the attention of tenants is that, in areas where summer rentals are traditionally agreed andn dollars, prices also increased”, says Santiago Valledor, Project Manager at Eidico.

The prices of Costa Smeralda today confirm it: renting a house this season costs more than an All inclusive in Brazil.

According to the real estate agencies that sell the neighborhood, in January the rent for a fortnight for a house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms averages US$4,500 and per month it rises to US$8,500. While in February, the value drops to between US$3,000 and US$6,500 (for those who want to settle for a month).

Close to Mar Azul – the prominent area among investors – is The wild It is a development of maritime farms located in an extra-urban residential area of ​​almost 400 hectares. Strategically located at km 427 of Provincial Route No. 11, it is the first environmentally sustainable development on the coast.

.El Salvaje, a development of maritime farms
.El Salvaje, a development of maritime farms

In this case, small properties with two bedrooms are rented on an annual basis with contracts of $1,000, this number rises to $1,500 for three-bedroom homes. While for temporary summer rental contracts, the approximate cost varies between US$120 per day for a small two-bedroom house, up to US$250 for a house equipped to be inhabited by ten people.

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