May 17, 2022 3:24 pm

Alberto Fernández in Olivos: what the new resolution says about close contacts and what the President will do

President Alberto Fernández will carry out his agenda this week at Quinta de Olivos for having been a close contact of Covid-19, it was officially reported. “The person in charge of making breakfast in Olivos tested positive for coronavirus and that is why the President will maintain his care”, said this afternoon the spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti in a contact with accredited journalists at Casa Rosada.

Cerruti clarified that the Head of State “has applied the three doses and will continue with his agenda, with the care” pertinent, and referred that “although in these cases a swab is not indicated, a test will be done today and another tomorrow.” The incidence will not prevent Fernández will receive the Governor of Catamarca Raúl Jalil this afternoon, as planned this morning, “with a prudential distance and the use of chinstraps”, indicated the spokeswoman, and pointed out that she will maintain that mode of work tomorrow and Friday in Olivos.

The decision of the president is not consistent with what the Government itself reported today through the publication of resolution 27/2022 which bears the signature of the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Claudio Moroni, which establishes the recommendations prepared by the Health portfolio for the return to work of people who have a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus or are in close contact with someone affected by the disease.

According to that text, workers who have been diagnosed with Covid-19, and who have not required hospitalization, may return to their activities without the need to present a negative test result or discharge certificate in the case of people without vaccination or with an incomplete scheme and 10 days have elapsed from the date of onset of symptoms or from the date of diagnosis, in the case of asymptomatic patients.

In the case of confirmed cases with a complete vaccination schedule, less than five months after completing the schedule or applying the booster dose, may return to work after seven days from the date of onset of symptoms (or diagnosis in asymptomatic cases), complying within three days of special care. In all cases, the laboratory or confirmation results by clinical-epidemiological criteria will be visible in the Mi Argentina APP.

On the other hand, asymptomatic close contacts will be able to continue with their work activities, strictly complying with the care measures (use of a mask, ventilation, distance) and without the need to present a negative test result or discharge certificate, according to the following three situations:

It is in this last group that the president is included, who received the booster dose on December 6, as officially reported by the Presidential Medical Unit. In addition, the tests to which he will be subjected today and tomorrow would not be necessary because they would not correspond and, in addition, they would be carried out in a shorter period than the indicated period of three to five days from contact with the positive case.

Cerruti reported that the president “He spoke today by telephone with the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, and with Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero”, who is in Washington for the renegotiation of the debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Too spoke with the Legal and Technical Secretary, Vilma Ibarra, to finish polishing the decree calling for extraordinary sessions in Congress and that “it will come out shortly”, the official pointed out.

The theme to to treat will include an update of the HIV law and the projects of Fiscal Consensus, Council of the Judiciary, production of Cannabis and Hemp, Electromobility, Promotion of the Automotive Industry, Hydrocarbons, Agroindustry and the Agreement with the IMF.

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