May 19, 2022 10:36 pm

again, life

Frequently, we feel compelled from this space to encourage organ donation. Dissemination is key to supporting the work of the Central National Institute Sole Coordinator of Ablation and Implantation (Incucai), which promotes, regulates, coordinates and oversees organ, tissue and cell donation and transplant activities in our country. Organ order cases are not just a statistic. They are people, they are desperate families, harassed by a situation that compromises the response of the entire society.

Who has jumped to notoriety today is a child, Isidro, barely three years old, diagnosed with myocarditis, who needs a heart to go on living. Isidro is in a national emergency. It requires an organ that is precisely associated with kindness and love. Isidro needs the hearts of all of us to be able to beat to the rhythm of this dramatic request from his family, broken by pain and uncertainty, but capable of extending his request to so many other children who are also waiting on the waiting list.

The former goalkeeper of the Lionesses, Laura Aladro, Isidro’s mother, urges us to think about the list of boys waiting for organs to live. from the nets, @uncorazonparaisi, with the support of prominent personalities who echo, seek to reach more and more people with their message and remind us that donating the organs of a deceased person can save up to seven lives. Organs don’t go to heaven, they repeat, with a loving look, but also raw and realistic.

Today, 7,087 people need an organ to save their lives and only 1,500 transplants are performed each year. Thanks to the so-calledjustine law”, all those over 18 years of age are donors unless we express otherwise, but in minors the decision depends exclusively on the parents. It is time to raise awareness. May it be family members, friends, doctors, those who accompany these very difficult transes who assume the generous responsibility of interjecting a word, a gesture that makes it easier for something of those angels to live in others.

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