May 18, 2022 3:43 pm

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Complete general mechanical service: includes lubrication, revision and check-up of the unit and the management system, brake system and emission control (price on request): Premium Service; 20% on labor services from Monday to Friday.

The best investment you can make in the car: a change of tires

Cinturato P7 (195/55R16 91V), Pirelli’s first “green performance” tire, with new materials, structures and a tread design aimed at ensuring high mileage ($33,480): Fazio Performance Center; 35% on alignment and balance every day and 10% on Pirelli tires every day.

Regular servicing is very important to extend the life of your vehicle.

Alignment and balancing service ($4500): Verona tires; 20% in alignment service, balancing, oil change, filter and front end every day until 01.30.22.

Sometimes it is necessary to leave the washing in expert hands

VIP wash, includes cleaning of rims, glasses, tires, waxing and artisanal washing (from $1800): handcuffs; 20% on VIP or Premium 3D washing from Tuesday to Thursday and on upholstery and interior cleaning on Tuesday and Wednesday until 01.30.22.

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