May 18, 2022 8:51 pm

A Playboy model says she is “too beautiful” for love and has no luck with men

A renowned model Playboy surprised everyone by declaring that she has a hard time finding love because men are intimidated by her beauty.

Is about Elizabeth Marie Chevalier, a 27-year-old woman who lives in San Diego, California, and who has already been the cover of prestigious magazines such as Playboy Y Maxim. In addition, he has his own account in OnlyFans. As if that were not enough, in Instagram It is followed by almost 3 million users.

“I am very sweet and affectionate, so if they took the time to get to know me, they would realize it,” said Elizabeth Marie Chevalier (Photo: Instagram)

In statements to the press collected by the British site LADbible, Chevalier assured: “They told me that I am intimidating for boys because I am tall -I am 1.78 meters tall-, I am pretty and I have a very intense personality”. And he clarified: “I’m actually very sweet and caring, so if you took the time to get to know me you’d realize”.

The model revealed that she had dates with men who did not dare to speak to her. And that those who did have the courage to say a word were too conceited. “The men who do talk to me are usually too smug and self-obsessed, clearly fixated on all the pretty girls in the room. They see us as trophies”, he indicated.

Elizabeth Marie Chevalier revealed that she had dates with men who did not dare to speak to her (Photo: Instagram)
Elizabeth Marie Chevalier revealed that she had dates with men who did not dare to speak to her (Photo: Instagram)

Asked about the possibility of having a relationship with one of her fans, Elizabeth Marie did not hesitate to answer yes. But nevertheless he clarified that the times he did it, it was not a good experience. “Every time I met a guy through my Instagram I was simply treated like a commodity. I know I’m wearing a bikini on the web, but it’s a job, most guys can’t see past that.”, lamented the model.

Meeting someone and forming a stable bond outside of their appearance and their work as a model is very difficult for him. “Dating is hard, guys are scared because I’m so beautiful”, Chevalier maintained, absolutely aware of her beauty. “I would let a friend introduce me to someone. In fact, I would prefer it,” he added.

Elizabeth Marie has been single for six months and her followers know it. He usually receives proposals through social networks, some of them too risqué. She also receives messages from angry women who accuse her of wanting to steal her boyfriends.. In fact something similar happened to him at a party. A girl approached her and started yelling in her face because she had seen her talking to her partner.

“Every time I met a guy through my Instagram they treated me just like a commodity"Elizabeth Marie Chevalier confessed (Photo: Instagram)
“Every time I met a boy through my Instagram they treated me simply like a commodity,” confessed Elizabeth Marie Chevalier (Photo: Instagram)

The million dollar question is what the model looks for in a man. What do you like and what is your ideal type of man. His answer was not too surprising: “My ideal man is someone who is the strong but silent type. I like tall dark features, a handsome man”, he specified.

Age is not an issue for me and neither is your job as long as you are successful and passionateChevalier added. And she clarified that for her the most important thing is that the man be sure of himself. “All you have to do is walk up and say ‘hi, can I ask you on a date?”, he assured.

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