May 16, 2022 4:23 pm

A Navy ship leaves with NATO for the Black Sea in full tension between Russia and Ukraine




The Maritime Action Ship (BAM) ‘Meteoro’ has advanced a few days its departure from the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to become part of one of NATO’s permanent missions, as revealed on Tuesday by the Defense Minister, Margaret Oaks.

The movement occurs in a context of full tension with Russia for the situation in Ukraine. Although the minister insisted on her commitment to dialogue and diplomatic channels to resolve the situation between the two countries, she also stated that «Spain has the position of NATO» and that “in no case is it acceptable for Russia to impose conditions on any country.”

It is also planned that a Navy frigate will become part of the permanent NATO missions in the waters of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, according to a meeting with professionals from the Association of Defense Journalists (APEDEF).

“Afghanistan Syndrome”

During the talk with the journalists, the minister warned of the danger that the EU would withdraw from Mali. A mission that has a very clear mission: to train the Malian Armed Forces. In this sense, Robles explained that “both in NATO and in the EU there is a certain syndrome due to what has happened in Afghanistan” and that the departure of the troops from Mali would open up the possibility of the same happening. In addition, it would leave the doors open to China and Russia, which have more and more influence in the area, especially in the midst of a debate about the presence in the Sahel of the Russian mercenary group Wagner.

In any case, both the colonel who has held the second command in EUTM, Jesus Martinez Soriano, such as the Director General of Defense Policy, General Fernando Lopez del Pozoassured that Spain is not aware of Wagner’s presence in Mali.

On the other hand, they affirmed that “the EU is very clear that the priority is the security of our troops”, in a mission that “does make sense and is useful”: “It helps the Malians to be able to solve their future”.

About 1,100 troops participate in this EU mission, of which 55 percent are Spanish, who maintain “excellent” relations with the Malian population. «The attacks have never been to the Spaniards. There is no contrary relationship. Our people on the ground have great relationships with their environment.”

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