May 17, 2022 8:07 am

Why, if my son is positive and I am negative, do I have to go to work?

The return of the Christmas holidays is being a real madness in schools, where coronavirus infections do not stop, both among students and among teachers, confining classrooms. And, in this framework, there are many schools that are reminding families of the protocol to follow and that causes, once again, that fathers and mothers cannot reconcile.

«From the Community of Madrid they have sent us new instructions from the
Covid protocol
, since there have been several situations in which a father, mother or siblings are positive and have sent the child to school due to an incorrect interpretation of the quarantine exemption in the school environment, “says a statement sent to families

in a school. «The correct interpretation is that a cohabitant or close contact, unvaccinated or with incomplete vaccination, outside the school environment, must follow the general strategy of early detection, surveillance and control of the Community of Madrid, and, therefore, quarantine during 7 days. Therefore, those children who have a positive case in their family environment cannot come to the center until they complete the 7-day quarantine, ”the text ends.

“And I do have to work, right?” says Susana Hernández, a separated mother whose daughter has been positive since last Friday. “I am negative. Guess I’ll catch on these days because an 8-year-old girl cannot be isolated in her room and we live in a small flat. It is very likely that my confinement will be extended, and that of my daughter as well? Will you not be able to go to school? He only has one dose on, he hasn’t given us time for more. They just started vaccinating children!” he recalls.

abandoned families

The current health strategy leaves, once again, families abandoned since it indicates that if a relative with whom the minor lives is positive, he cannot go to school if he does not have the complete vaccination schedule, since it is of close contact. On the sidelines, obviously, are those under 5 years of age, who are not vaccinated. However, if the minor is infected, the adults have to continue working. How to reconcile is something that depends on each family in view of the lack of measures: while some can telecommute, others have no choice but to leave the children with grandparents or find a caregiver.

Different family associations, including Malasmadres, the Family Union, the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Fathers and Mothers of Students (Ceapa) or the NGO Save The Children recall how, two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, the “violating” the right to care and education of children at the same time that fathers and mothers cannot reconcile.

The Union of Families also adds to this claim, for whom the solution is to implement “paid leave” and that “all the material and human means necessary to minimize the educational impact on children” be provided.

Also from the NGO Save The Children they ask that «the right of fathers and mothers to reconcile» and «the permits to take care of those children who cannot go to class so that they are not alone».

“The problem of family policies for family reconciliation is a pending issue,” says the vice president of the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Parents of Students (Ceapa), Mari Carmen Morillas.

lack of measures

After two years of pandemic, The Government has not approved any measure to grant sick leave of those mothers, fathers and legal guardians who have minors, people with disabilities or functional diversity in their charge and who must quarantine for Covid-19. Only the insufficient MeCuida Plan was launched, the extension of which ends on February 28, 2022.

Recently, the deputy spokeswoman for Compromís in the Valencian Courts, Mónica Álvaro, has registered a parliamentary initiative in which she urges the Government of Spain to approve “emergency” measures to grant sick leave to families in order to “guarantee that they can take care of the people who depend on them and them, without causing harm to their employment situation.”

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