May 18, 2022 10:30 pm

Why are there lizards in the north: now they were seen in Escobar

In what seems like a revival of the old feud over capybaras, the appearance of overo lizards, first in Pilar, and now in Escobar, generates surprise, fears and doubts, among the neighbors who do not know how to react. However, specialists agree that They are low-risk animals.

Last week they had been warned in different private neighborhoods of Pilar. On the weekend, it was reported that were seen in Escobar, another nearby municipality in the northern area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires. El Aromo, Irízar Park, Pellegrini IV and Mirasoles, are some of the neighborhoods in which the lizards were detected, according to Télam.

Regarding the reasons for their appearance, specialists agree that they are animals from the area, but rule out a multiplication of their number. The only change is that now were more exposed in urban settings.

While residents of the area attributed the appearance to the “drought and the advance of real estate developments” In lands that were once inhabited by these reptiles, specialists offer other elements to consider.

The director of the Pilar Nature Reserve, Graciela Capodoglio, considered that the heat wave has been an element to take into account, given that “part of the pasture has been burned” in which they are usually seen in general.

The director of Biodiversity of the Municipality of Pilar, Javier Goldschtein, told Télam that cWith high temperatures, reptiles begin to roam and to search for reproductive partners, therefore, they can appear in parks, gardens and pools because look for water in cooler areas Y wet, since “water in natural spaces is not so easy to find”.

The director of Biodiversity Javier Goldschtein recommended to the neighbors that when they are in the presence of native fauna communicate with the Pilar Reserve, en where they are in charge of capturing the animal, if he is trapped and cannot get out on his own, to later release him in the reserve. And he remembered that he is a rodent controller. ”The recommendation is that they let him roam quietly”, he pointed.

For her part, the director of the Pilar Reserve, Graciela Capodoglio, assured that the presence of these reptiles would not represent a major problem for the residents of the area since they are “harmless” and will not attack them: “If you don’t scare them, they are going to live with you”, he illustrated.”They are animals that are always here and since before all the urbanizations that we have were there“, specific.

With information from Télam agency

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