May 19, 2022 6:30 pm

What you need to know: the positives now continue to drop after the record number of cases, Blinken assured Cafiero that the US supports a vibrant Argentine economy and announces a 24-hour train stoppage for this Thursday

  • After the record number of infections, the positives now continue to decline. After the peak of cases on Friday, when more than 139,000 infected were reached, infections continue to decline. At the national level, the Ministry of Health reported 120,982 cases in the last 24 hours. In addition, 189 deaths from the coronavirus were reported.
  • Antony Blinken assured Santiago Cafiero that the United States supports a vibrant Argentine economy. Secretary of State Joe Biden said that this will help strengthen the bilateral relationship and Argentina’s regional leadership. The meeting takes place within the framework of the country’s negotiation with the IMF. However, neither of them mentioned the progress of Argentina’s agreement with the Fund.
  • The Blue reached a new record high. The informal dollar advanced $2 and was sold at 211 in the City of Buenos Aires, marking a new nominal record. With this value of the Blue, the gap with respect to the official exchange rate increased again, showing a difference of more than 102%.
  • They announce a 24-hour train stoppage for this Thursday. The Superior Railway Staff Union calls for a wage increase and recognition of the rights of railway workers. The force measure will affect the Sarmiento, Mitre, San Martín, Roca and Belgrano Sur lines, among others.
  • Monica and Cesar won an award for their new profession. The couple owns the countryside located in San Pedro, where they have fruit plantations. During the twenty-second Provincial Festival of Peach and Production, they received the Gold distinction for the quality of their fruits.

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