May 17, 2022 2:22 pm

Wado de Pedro spoke about the inmates in the ruling party: “Unity was not broken, but time is wasted”

The Minister of the Interior, Edward of Peter, ruled out that the unity of the Frente de Todos is at risk, although he pointed against “inexperienced” sectors that, he said, “waste” time “in internals”. It did so within the framework of the differences within the Government regarding the agreement with the IMF and economic policy, and the growing influence of Cristina Kirchner In the management of Alberto Fernandez.

“There is no risk, but time is wasted. Time is wasted. There are actors with little political experience in coalitions who waste time in internal when the objective has to do with the greatness of a Nation and not with small miseries”, said Pedro.

In an interview given to The Capital of Mar del Plata, de Pedro tried to play down the differences in the Frente de Todos. “Every coalition requires internal and public discussion, because everyone at some point wants maintain a part of the identity. A part of it is diluted in the coalition and there is another part that seeks to continue reaffirming itself. When the coalitions accept that, there is no problem”, he opined.

And he deepened: “I am one of the people who accept the differences and the plurality of voices. I am one of the actors along with Maximum [Kirchner] Y [Sergio] Pulp that we were working with the coalition of the Front during 2019, with which I was always aware that there are differences”, he pointed out and added: “that has to be enriching and it does not have to be translated into a noise that prevents the coalition from continuing to function”.

The interior minister avoided answering about the 2023 scenario, saying that “There is a long way to go before the elections”, and referred to his relationship with President Alberto Fernández, whom he named provision for his resignation in September, after the defeat in the PASO. That gesture was taken as a sign of pressure from Kirchnerism against the presidential figure. But Pedro made light of it. “It is an issue overcome and we have a good relationship”.

He also referred to the conversations that the Government is carrying out with the International Monetary Fund to restructure 45,000 million dollars and expressed his disagreement with the actions of some sectors of the opposition, to those who accused of “lobbying” against an agreement.

“I want to appeal to that more rational sector of the opposition that has a constructive discourse, not to get carried away by the other sector that promotes the permanent boycott, that puts spokes in the wheel in each one of the policies, in the health, in the economic one, in the negotiation with the investment funds and today he is putting spokes in the wheel by lobbying against an agreement with the IMF“, He said.

And I add: “I ask for sanity, I ask for rationality and I ask for self-criticism because they were the ones who indebted several governments and several generations of Argentines. They have to be part of the solution and not continue to cause problems.”

De Pedro insisted, in line with the official discourse, on the “heavy legacy” left by the previous government in terms of external debt. “Imagine the amount of work we could have done with the 100,000 million dollars that they asked for from private funds and the 45,000 million that they asked for from the IMF. It is incalculable to think of 145,000 million, of which 84,000 were for flight from a financial sector. You have to say “never again” to that,” he stated.

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